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The Diocese of Salford are consulting regarding admissions criteria for the 2020 – 2021 academic year, details of which can be found on the document below.


The LA are currently consulting on changes to the admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled primary and secondary schools. There is also a consultation for Co-op Academy Swinton. You can view a copy of the proposals at www.salford.gov.uk/admissionsconsultation. You can make your views known online until 24 December 2018.’




Information about School Admissions


How to apply for a place in our school for your child.


St. Joseph's is a Catholic, Voluntary Aided Primary School. This means that admissions to our school are controlled by the Governors and the Diocese of Salford.


Our school has been serving the Catholic families and children of Ordsall and beyond for over 140 years and was established by the church in the Nineteenth Century to ensure that all children - including those  from the poorest backgrounds - could learn and practise their Faith and have the chance of an excellent Catholic education, rich in all the opportunities children from the most favoured families could take for granted.


Our school exists to try to ensure that all our children - especially those who may be disadvantaged - really 'have life to the full' as Our Lord promised.


Baptised Catholic children have first preference for places but of course other children are welcome if we have room. For the academic years 2014-15 and 2015-2016, the planned admissions number is currently set at 22. This is because we are a small school and wish to retain small class sizes and favourable teacher/pupil ratios.


As we are consistently over subscribed, parents are advised to read the following information and, if a place is refused in the first instance, you will then be able to decide if an appeal is likely to be successful.


Parents need to apply for places in the Nursery class by the deadline set each year by the local authority, Salford. This date is set for early in January each year.


A place in the Nursery class does not guarantee a place in the next class, Reception, as all parents must re-apply for a Reception Class place. (These are national rules, to which all schools must adhere.)


Applications for places in other classes, from Year 1 to Year 6: All school places must be coordinated by Salford LEA: however, the Governing Body of St. Joseph's is the Admissions Authority. Contact school for information, complete an application form and submit it to Salford's Admissions department, who will then send the form to us for consideration if there are places available in the required year group. Governors of Catholic Aided schools such as ours maintain control of admissions into our school. Admissions criteria apply if the year group requested is full.


While our Governors decide policy and control admissions, the admissions process for Nursery and Reception is centrally administered for all schools by the City of Salford Local Authority. The Admissions team at Salford are very helpful and can be contacted through their pages on Salford's website. (See web address below.)


Parents are advised to consult our schools Admissions policy (below) for the current admissions criteria. This is updated here on our website each year and is reviewed by the Governing Board. The admissions policy is also published on the City of Salford's website.