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Eco Schools Programme (ENG Version)

Find out more about the Eco-Schools Programme co-ordinated by WWF-Malaysia in this video produced by Sunny Stories, with drawings by artist Eve Yap. Credits to the following students from SK Sri Kelana for their contributions to the video: Danial Sulejman Mecja (Bahasa Malaysia main voice-over), Charmaine Cheong Shen May (English language main voice-over) and Jemima Laurence (additional voice-over).

Keep Britain Tidy

This year the school took part in the Great British Spring Clean, led by the Eco Warriors.

We began the day by listening to an assembly lead by the Eco Warriors, explaining why it is important to 'Keep Britain Tidy'. 

Each class teamed up though out the day and tidy different areas of the school grounds. 

We could not believe the amount of litter we found!

When we went back to class we spoke about making sure we do not drop litter, we must find a bin or kept hold of it until we get home.

Big Bird Watch 

The Eco Warriors have really enjoyed taking part in the Big Bird Watch this year, we especially enjoyed making food to encourage more birds to the area.