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Welcome to Nursery.


In the Foundation Stage at St.Josephs,the children are taught to share and care about others reflecting the Catholic values in our school mission statement. Our dedicated Early Years team provide a happy,caring,secure learning environment where your child will flourish.

The children have made a fantastic start to their school journey at St.Josephs. They have settled into the nursery really well and are already making friends.

Five currant buns.

The children have enjoyed learning the song " Five currant buns in the bakers shop." We have played being the baker and the customer, counting and paying for the buns. We have made some currant buns to eat and some currant bun playdough , with real currants and spice in .Mums and Dads, come into class to pick up the recipe for the playdough , it's really easy to make and the children love it. 

Going on a Bear Hunt.

The children love the story " We're going on a bear hunt." So we decided to create a Bear Hunt in the role play area. The children love to walk through the "swishy swashy grass" the "squelchy squerchy mud" and tip toe through the Bears cave.



We made delicious bear snacks with chocolate spread,bananas and blueberries. Yum yum 😋

Macmillan Coffee Morning.

We joined in with ththe schools fund raising for Macmillan by having our own afternoon tea party . The children made some cakes and we had a cup of tea with the cakes . Delicious. 

Five little speckled frogs.

We have been doing lots of counting in nursery and the children are enjoying singing lots of number rhymes. The speckled frogs is one of their favourites so Mrs.Ormrod made some froggy masks for them to play with in the woods. We made some green,minty playdough and the children used the bits of wood and goggly eyes to make their own frogs on logs.