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Welcome to Reception
In the Foundation Stage at St. Joseph's, the children are taught to share and care about others reflecting the Catholic values in our mission statement. Our dedicated Early Years team provide a happy, caring secure environment where your child will flourish.


Date   Star of the Week  Work of the week 
8/9/17 Khalid, Sebastian and Brandon- Excellent first week in school   
22/9/17 Eleanor- For being a great friend Charlie- Writing 
29/9/17 Oliver- Wonderful effort in everything he does  Christina- Writing her name 
6/10/17 Ajay- For being so mature and kind  Italiah- Maths 
13/10/17 Ziva- Making a real effort to speak  Oakley- Writing 
20/10/17 Farris- For working hard  and being kind to everyone  Hosanna- Fantastic Progress 
3/11/17 Liza- For being a fantastic member of the class  Samuel- Phonics 
10/11/17 Deri- for working hard at our new topic and trying very hard to share  Cooper- Fantastic Topic work 
17/11/17 Scarlett- for being a wonderful friend  Farris- Amazing creative work
24/11/17 Brandon- for fantastic enthusiasm in the class  Oakley- Brilliant independence writing 
1/12/17 Lucy- Wonderful attitude to learning  Alfie- Brilliant work in phonics and writing


The Sleepy Shepherd 

After weeks of rehearsal the day of the Nativity finally arrived. In the morning the children got changed in to their costumes as the hall filled with friends and family eagerly waiting for the show to begin. 

The children performed AMAZINGLY and we are all so proud of them. 

They sang beautifully and spoke in clear voices. 



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The children in Foundation Stage love a 'good boogie' so after all an exhausting morning performing the Nativity we had a Chritmas Party to celebrate. 

We did some wonderful dancing 


                        Played Pass the Parcel 



    Enjoyed some party food 

Then had a visit from someone VERY special... 

Can you guess who it was?????


CBeebies Christmas Songs | Jingle Bells

Some of our Reception children were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to sing along with Dodge, see if you can spot your friends.

Term 2- 

People Who Help Us 

This term we are going to be learning all about the different people who help us in our community. 

Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Police, Fire Fighters, Postal Workers, Priests, Teachers, Vets, Refuse Collectors, Armed Forces to name a few. 

If you or any of your friends and family work in any of these roles we would love to hear from you. 

Here are some pictures of us enjoying our new topic


The children had a fabulous visit from PCSO Mark and Officer Nigel, we began the visit by looking in the Police Van, some of us even turned on the sirens!

We then went back to class and Mark told us all about how the police help us in our communities, then we got to try on some of the equipment- Miss Woolman even joined in, can you spot her!



Today we had a visit from play Dental, a fantastic team to help teach the children all about how to look after their teeth. 

With the help of some brilliant activities the children learnt 


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 “You need to brush your teeth twice a day”               “We brush ours at lunch as well”


               “Your brush your teeth round and round”                    “You need a pea size tooth paste”


  “Dentists wear glasses and a mask”        “Don’t eat too many sweets, chocolate is better...but only a little”


              “No coke”            “You need to drink water”          “Brush your teeth for two minuets”

The Floor is Lava 

The children have really enjoyed playing ‘floor in lava’ where they must walk on planks to navigate around the playground. 

But there was a problem... the spaces were too big and the planks too short!


The children came up with a plan "we need to measure it"


          “To find out what planks we need” 



" this is 10 we need a big one" 



"This one is 6 I can jump that" 

Children in Need

This year for Children in Need we invited children to come to school to dress up in spotty clothes, we had some fantastic outfits, well done everyone. 

We made some spotty cakes for our snack and loved our visit from Austin the Ice Cream Man at lunch time. 

During the day we spoke about why we donate money to Children in Need and how our money helps other people 



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Bonfire Night 

We have been looking forward to Bonfire night and spent last week talking a lot about the gunpowder plot. In the morning we made some fruit rockets to have for snack 

They were delicious 

In the afternoon we had a bonfire party with Nursery

We made sparklers with popping candy and sprinkles then sat around the fire whilst drinking hot chocolate. 

The Woods 

This term we are learning about:

The Woods

British Animals



We will be going on lots of walks to observe the changes to our gardens over the coming weeks.

We will then use this to make books, create patterns, count, discuss how the changes makes us feel, create pictures, inspire our imagination and many more exciting activities.

We have been busy exploring our classroom and finding out about the woods



In school we have been learning about a different religion, Hinduism so we decided to join the Nursery in celebrating Diwali. 

We began by reading the story of Rama and Sita then we acted it out  

Next we made some Diva's to help Rama and Sita find their way home 


Then we made some decoration to make the classroom look bright and full of colour 



On Friday we joined with the Nursery to have a Diwali celebration where we tried different Indian food and shared our learning from the week. 


Yesterday we received a letter from Scampers the squirrel, he had forgotten where he buried his acorns, so we decided to look for them in the garden 

when we found them we counted them 

we then wrote Scampers a letter telling him how many acorns we have each found.

We then matched the correct amount of acorns to the numbers and ordered them. 



When we were in Nursery we planted some pumpkin seeds 


over the next few months we watered and cared for them


When we got back from the summer holidays we could not believe our eyes...


We decided to go on an early Autumn walk so we could look at all the things that have grown over the Summer and to help us compare the gardens over the next few weeks. 

We had a fantastic time,


"look a butterfly"                                       "Wow, so many apples"

                "I hope they aren't poisoned "



 "I found a snail"             "I love the purple flowers"

                                        "There's a bee"                  




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MacMillan Coffee Morning 


For our MacMillan Coffee Morning we decided to make some gingerbread men. We began by looking up the recipe in a recipe book, we then made a list of all the ingredients we needed. The next morning we weighed and measured all the ingredients then mixed them in the bowl.

We then rolled out the dough and cut out our gingerbread men. 

After they were baked in the oven and they had cooled we decorated them ready for Thursday. 

Thursday morning we bought in a donation for MacMillan nurses. We then sat down with our friends to enjoy a lovely cup of tea and our delicious gingerbread  



Gingerbread Men 

After our MacMillan Coffee Morning we had so much fun making our gingerbread men we decided to continue playing with some. 

We began by cutting some out and putting different amounts of buttons on them. We then ordered them 1-10.


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