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Year 5

Welcome to the Y5 class page


In Year five we have an exciting and challenging year ahead of us with many experiences to look forward to. It will be hard work and expectations in upper KS2 are high but we will work together to make it interesting and lots of fun.


As the year goes by we will continue to fill this page with class news and photographs of us involved in a wealth of activities as we fulfil our mission:


'To have life - and have it to the full'

                                                                                                                    John 10:10


If you have any ideas for our webpage or have any queries please feel free to contact us.

Mrs Hayes                               Mrs Dargon




At St Joseph's we realise the importance and value of Homework.

The grids provided each half term have an array of activities linked to different subjects. We expect at least one piece of good quality work to be produced every week.

Homework books will be handed out on Fridays and should be returned to school for marking by Wednesday morning.


Spellings will be sent home every Friday to be written out

and learnt for a test on Monday.

All Children will benefit from reading EVERY evening and their Reading Records will be checked each day.

It is important that the children continue to learn their times tables as they will assist them to achieve success in Maths this year.


PE Lessons


PE lessons for Year 5 take place on Monday afternoon.

The children will need:

a red polo shirt, black shorts (without branding) and black pumps.




Shakespeare Schools Festival


'A drum, a drum !

Macbeth doth come'


In year 5 the whole class has been working with passion, enthusiasm and genuine hard work in order to be part of the world's largest

youth drama festival.


We chose to study and perform: Macbeth


Every member of the class has embraced the challenge. Drama techniques, games and activities have given the children the confidence to perform and brought them closer together as classmates and friends. Art lessons have been enhanced as we have created costumes, illustrated scenes and made promotional posters related to the play.

Closely studying Shakespeare's famous tragedy 'Macbeth' has provided a deep understanding of characters and their interactions within the play. The plot, although complex and challenging has provided an intriguing, mysterious world of greed and murder for us to explore. We have worked to unravel emotions including: ruthless ambition; thirst for power and revenge in our English lessons and discussed their impact on lives

in RE and SMSC.

We have come together as a team, with each member of equal importance, in order to become the characters and bring the play to life on stage.



On Friday evening the culmination of all this hard work was celebrated at the Z – arts theatre in front of a huge audience.


Well done Year 5, the performance was marvellous.

You were outstanding!


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents for their unwavering help and support. It is very much appreciated.




Back stage, waiting for our performance at Z - arts theatre - exciting!


A lesson in mathematical shapes, creativity and design


On the 19th October Year 5 had a fabulous day creating lanterns for 'Lighting the Legend'

(a night of fun and fireworks including a procession through Ordsall and the grand finale on Ordsall Park - 9th November)

The team from 'Ordsall Community Arts' taught the children how to design and build creative, strong, three dimensional shapes that will be lit on the night.


A huge thank you to Gail and her team for sharing their skills and providing a day of learning, teamwork and fun!



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In RE the children have been exploring scripture

that expresses how much God loves and protects us.


They used drama to develop their understanding of

Hosea 11:1-4.


The children shared a poem called ‘Footprints in the Sand’ and linked its message to that of the bible passage. We wrote prayers and thanked God for being with us at all times but especially when we feel lost and need Him most.


My love for you is great


I have always loved you, my people.

My love for you is so great.

I have walked every step with you on your journey.

I have always tried to keep you close to me,

but so often you have wandered away.

I gathered you up in my arms,

but you did not recognise that I was taking care of you.

I picked you up and held you close to my cheek.

I held you so close, with such great love.

(based on Hosea 11:1-4)

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Discovering Shakespeare

English lessons during Autumn term are extremely exciting because we are learning about the life and works of William Shakespeare; widely regarded as one of the greatest poets and playwrights of all time. We are focusing on his tragic and intriguing play: Macbeth, which was first performed in 1606 and is one of Shakespeare's most famous plays.


The opportunity to perform at the Z Arts theatre in Manchester allows us to fully engage with the characters and be enveloped in a world of ambition, temptation and murder created by this extraordinary writer.





Year Five  Z Arts Drama Workshop


The children fully engaged with the activities and enjoyed learning techniques to improve their performance skills.

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