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2018 - 2019


Bags2school is back again for another year and we want our unwanted clothes!

What is Bags2School?

Bags2schools is an organisation that takes your unwanted clothes and materials and recycles them.

In turn the school receives money for all the clothes donated.

Please bring your bags back to school by Wednesday 19th June

If you would like another bag please let us know. 


Remember we want 


•Men’s, Ladies and Children’s clothing
•Paired shoes (tied together or elastic band around)
•Scarves and ties
•Soft toys
•Household linen
•Bedding (bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers)

Tree Survey 

As a group we decided we wanted to find out more about the trees and plants in our playground. We are so fortunate to have LOTS of different trees in our playground and field so we had a big job in front of us. 

Now we have finished our survey we are hoping to get some signs put up around the grounds so everyone can find out about all the different trees we have. 

Bottle Top Recycling Scheme

The Foundation Stage children have asked why we do not recycle the milk bottle lids that we use in school so we decided to look in to this... 

We found out about new scheme set up by the Lush Handmade Cosmetics Company where they are now collecting used plastic bottle tops in order to recycle them. 

SO each class is now collecting all their bottle tops from their milk every day and we are going to take them to LUSH in the Trafford Centre. The bottle tops are melted down, pressed into board and made into useful things from wall cladding to furniture and beehives.  They’ve even been used to make a play area at a refugee camp in France.


If you would like any further information about the scheme there are some videos on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ri25e8MwlI


Big Battery Hunt


This year the Eco Warriors have decided to take on a new challenge. After hearing about the big battery hunt we decided to set each class a challenge to recycle the most batteries. Each child has been sent home with a box which they are to fill with old batteries and return to school. We will let you know the winning class in May when the final calculations have been done!

Good Luck


Plastic Free Week 


This lent Bishop John Arnold has asked us to 'look beyond our personal lives, to our role within our wider communities and our world' 'Pope Francis tells us that we are all required to make changes to our lives and begin to repair the damage before matters become irreversible'

Therefore this Lent our Eco Warriors have decided to team up with our Chaplains to raise awareness of the single use plastics we use in school and at home.


We are attempting to have a single use plastic free week!


We understand that this will be very hard in school but we are going to try our best and if we have to use single use plastics lets try and make sure they are recyclable! 




Great British Spring Clean


After three successful years the Great British Spring clean is back for another year. This year we are going to invite parents and families to volunteer. If you are able to help us on the 22nd March please come and speak to Mrs Shaw in the Nursery.


Thank you

Thank you to everyone who took part