We are tremendously proud of all of our children’s achievements this year. Children make progress in a number of ways every day they attend school. They might be learning how to read their first words or write their name for the first time. They may be solving complicated equations or debating the rights and wrongs of world issues. Whatever it is that they are doing, our children always try hard, are determined and never give up. 

We publish the results of the tests that our Y6 children take every May. This year our children did everybody proud and achieved some wonderful results which you can see below. We are please to say that attainment has improved at St Joseph’s against previous results. The progress results are particularly exciting because they show us how well children do from their different starting points. These results indicate that children receive a good education at St Joseph’s and that it is continuing to improve.

St Joseph’s, as a community, will continue to work hard together to provide for our children. We will offer every opportunity we can to help children to achieve their full potential and truly – ‘live life to the full.’

Thank you all for your support.

For more information regarding the School’s performance please follow the link to the DfE website to view the School Performance Tables.