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Meet the new Chaplaincy Team 2019-20




   Y6:                                                    Y5:                                               

     Vasco Teixeira                                Eirene Frempong

     Juliana Silveira                               Julia German

     Missi Kelekelo                                 Mikey Warburton

    Jesse Maiotuka                                Ahi Vithiyanirupathy

     Safa Zeeshan                                  Keisha Keogh

     Sedy Sedziafa                                 Beni Kelekelo


The new members of St Joseph's Chaplaincy Team

A Special  Event: 


The Chaplaincy team would like to congratulate the children in Year 3 who  were presented in Mass on Sunday 17th November. 

We will keep them in our prayers as they continue to prepare for  the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion this school year. 

God Bless 

Gift Teams join in a day of prayer and celebration

We arrive in Preston for our special Gift Team Day
A lovely chat with Sr Judith about our ideas


St Joseph's RC Primary school Chaplaincy Team


On 24th January six members of the Chaplaincy team went to a training day at the Cathedral Centre on Chapel St. They were a credit to St Joseph's. They shared ideas and were fully involved in all of the activities.

Sr Judith, who led the training,  was impressed by their commitment and creativity as they produced  an 'Action Plan' for the team.


They were also commissioned by Canon McBride and received their certificates. 


Our Chaplaincy Team are an inspiration to all the children at St Joseph's.

They truly are missionary disciples of Jesus.



On 27th January 2019 we celebrated Family  Mass with Bishop John Arnold 

Welcome back to our Chaplaincy page and we hope you all had a Blessed Easter.  We want to say a huge well done to the Year 3 students who were amazing in their re-enactment of The Easter Story. Holy week in 40 minutes. It brought back memories of when we were in Year 3 and we were amazed at their performance, along with their families who came to watch too. 

Our St Joseph`s penny boxes, patiently put together over a few dinner times,  went out to everyone in our school and we have had a great response.

We are continuing our duties within the school and really enjoying it.  Mrs Dargon is looking at taking us to visit other Chaplaincy/GIFT teams in primary schools around us as we would like to see the things they do in their schools. We are attending a day in Preston for all chaplains in June and we are all looking forward to it.

This last term, we have been thinking and praying for our year 6 friends who will be starting their SATS tests next week, we hope they feel the presence of the Holy Spirit around them, the same goes to our year 2 children.

We celebrated whole school mass this week for the feast of `The Assumption of our Lord` into heaven and on Saturday 19th May will be another special day for our school,  as year 3 receive their First Holy Communion. We have been talking to them about how we felt before we received ours and how wonderful the day is going to be. Some of us will be attending the service to help with giving out books and singing in the choir.

Special prayers requested this last couple of weeks for our parish Sr, as she has had a major operation and thank God it all went well and we hear she is well on the road to recovery, God is good. We`re Wishing Sr Cecily a speedy recovery.

We will be thinking and praying too for a special teacher in our school who sadly lost her father recently.

May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in eternal peace.  

We hope you all enjoy reading our news and will post again soon God Bless from us all.


St Joseph's Feast Day Mass

A very warm welcome to the new school term from the chaplains. We have been busy getting to know what is required of us as a Chaplaincy team, as we are new members.  We have come up with a timetable to ensure that the whole school know who we are and how we can help within the school and our parish.

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday and eat lunch together along with Mrs Dargon, our chaplaincy leader. We plan for the week ahead and what classes we can visit and prefect.

Poppy, Freddie, Michael and Elise.


Elise and Poppy go into early years classes and chat with the children, sing with them and tell them stories which both the children and themselves really enjoy. Both girls attend our family masses and read from the Lecturn both readings of the day and bidding prayers.  Also, they help out with the refreshments afterwards and chat to our elderly parishioners.

Both Freddie and Michael are active members of our Church community attending Sunday mass every week.

Both children join in with the choir and help serve refreshments afterwards.  Freddie is an altar server too. Michael is a very confident reader who reads at mass too.


All chaplains have been involved over the last month, along with their parents, in asking our local supermarkets for donations towards our Christingle service which is taking place on Tuesday 5th December at our church, (all welcome) we have this service every year, they`ve been busy asking for oranges, sweets and candles for the school.  All proceeds go to Cornerstone, a charity we have been supporting for many years. We will keep you updated and post pictures too.




 Today Poppy, one of our faithful Chaplains lit the first candle on our Advent wreath, the candle of HOPE. 


We can all have Hope because God is faithful and will keep the promises made to us. Our Hope comes from God himself. This Sunday in churches all around the world, the candle of HOPE will be burning brightly, sit peacefully in your own church and watch all that is happening around you. Let`s take a moment each day to prepare ourselves for the coming of Our Saviour Jesus Christ.



Welcome back to the Chaplaincy page.  We have been very busy this last 2 weeks rehearsing for the different events we attend. First being our annual Christingle service which was held here in our church on Tuesday the 5th December. we use this hour as a time to reflect on the weeks leading up to the birth of Jesus, which can easily be forgotten with the all that`s going on, commercially, around us.  The children were very busy making their own Christingle oranges in class for a small donation.  All money collected on the night will be going to The Cornerstone. As soon as we have a total we will post it on or website.

The night was a huge success, the church of St Josephs Ordsall was packed with children, parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, and lots of our past pupils which was lovely to see.  Our school Choir was, as always, amazing.  





Welcome back after yet again another busy few days in school and church. Below are some pictures of the chaplains decorating our church tree. And today the whole school will see it as its our School Christmas Mass. The last week has seen the school choir, which the chaplains are members of, sing at Salford cathedral in aid of Action for Children, the Salford Royal hospital for the patients and visitors. Then in Saint Anne's church in Manchester city centre which was an amazing evening.
The Christmas tree arrived this week over in our church and the chaplains had the privilege of decorating it. 

Welcome back after the Christmas break.  Back in October we sent our school  statue of

`Our Lady of Lourdes`, off for repair. This statue has been at our school since the closure of 

Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC.  She was brought over to St Josephs where she takes pride of place in our school hall.  There is a fantastic history to this statue which i have brief details of.  I am and will update this as soon as I have confirmation.  What i do know is that over a hundred years ago she was brought back from Lourdes by a group of parishioners (mums) by road and sea.  The statue stands at just over 3ft tall so it must have been a struggle.  Over the years she has been crowned many times during the month of May as you can imagine, and every child who has received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion have had their official photograph took stood next to her, so as you have read, the statue was and still is very much a part of our school.  However, over the years, as you can imagine, she has had some knocks, scratches, and a few chips here and there, but rather than replace her the Chaplains and members of staff agreed.  We agreed to have a raffle to pay for the renovation.  A chocolate hamper was kindly donated to us by one of our welfare staff Mrs Bradshaw and raffle tickets were sold at our Nativity performances and just over £100 was raised towards the cost. Below are the before and after pictures, as you can see, the transformation is incredible.  We would like to thank E Carrara Sons in Liverpool for their amazing work.


Before and After

Team 2016/17:


Year 5:                                      Year 6:

Freddie Lusuekama                Aaron Luvumbu                              

Emily O'Connor                      Alyssa Oakley                                                    Tyla Ursa                               Courtney Mayer                                                    

Rene Higgins                          Jinaly Maiotuka                              

Caritas Mass 2017


First Holy Communion 2017

Congratulations from all the Chaplaincy Team.

During Lent we will be going to church every Wednesday at lunchtime

for Stations of the Cross.

A massive thank you to all the staff at St Joseph's. Our Chaplaincy team playing Father Christmas for the day.

We are the new members of St Joseph's RC Primary school Chaplaincy Team

Father Joe commissioned us. We prayed together.

The Chaplaincy Team helping to prepare for: The Christingle Service on 6th December 2016

The Chaplaincy team prepare ' The Door of Mercy' for the whole school.

Spreading the message of God's LOVE and MERCY.

The 'Door of Mercy' comes St Joseph's

The door is there for us - open it!
Pass through into the light of Jesus.




The 2015 /16 Team


Thursday 30th June 2016 was a special Celebration Day for Chaplaincy Teams in the Salford Diocese. It was held at St Gabriel's High School in Bury.


We met Bishop John Arnold

Sharing with the whole school what it means to be members of our Chaplaincy Team at St Joseph's

An Assembly to celebrate the life of St Joseph

Stations of the Cross - Lent 2016

Thursday 28th January

It was a really special day today. We went to Salford Cathedral to be officially commissioned as a Chaplaincy team by Canon McBride.

We met Sister Judith and pupils from other schools to share experiences and ideas. 

Chaplaincy Teams - Sharing God's love in the Year of Mercy

Decorating St Joseph's to celebrate the birth of Jesus- Christmas 2015

The Year of Mercy began at Salford Cathedral on Tuesday 8th December 2015

Now that the Holy Year of Mercy has begun, we must focus on how we can be 'missionary disciples' of God's love. We must all try to reach out to those who need support and help, those who feel isolated or alone.


Year of Mercy Prayer

All loving Father,

you sent Jesus your Son

to show Your mercy

and to teach us how to forgive one another.


Pour out Your Holy Spirit upon us,

Help us to remember that we are all sinners.

Let this Year of Mercy be a pilgrimage,

a journey back to You.


Make us ambassadors of mercy,

sharing Your forgiveness with everyone,

especially those who feel

that they are beyond Your love.

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord


The first week of Advent

The Chaplaincy Team at St Joseph's on Remembrance Sunday


  The Holy Rosary


During October, the month of the Holy Rosary, we enjoyed leading the prayers each week and teaching the  younger children how to use their Rosary Beads, encouraging and supporting them as  we shared the mysteries of the Rosary. 


Thank you to Sr Cecily and Mrs Dargon for their help and support.