Governor Meetings

Attendance at Full Governing Board Meetings 2020 - 2021
Name of Governor 14/09/202008/12/202023/03/202106/07/2021
Father Michael Jones (Foundation Governor) Apologies Accepted Attended
Mrs R Hince (Headteacher) Attended Attended
Mr J Burscough (Foundation Governor) AttendedApologies Accepted
Mrs V Crompton (Staff Governor) Attended Apologies Accepted
Mrs M Harris (Associate Member)Attended Attended
Ms Carla McFeely (Parent Governor) Attended Attended
Ms Paula Howe (Authority Governor) Attended Attended
Mrs Freda McAvoy (Foundation Governor) No Apologies Received Apologies Accepted
Sandra Ramnaught (Foundation Governor) Attended Apologies Accepted
Peter McDonald (Foundation Governor)       AttendedAttended
Joanna Piotrowska (Parent Governor)       No Apologies ReceivedAttended
Paul Ward (Foundation Governor)AttendedAttended
Effectiveness Committee 2020-2021
Name of Governor 13/10/202002/02/202118/05/2021
Mrs R Hince (Headteacher) AttendedAttended
Mr J Burscough  (Foundation Governor) AttendedAttended
Mrs V Crompton (Staff Governor) Apologies AcceptedApologies Accepted
Mrs M Harris (Associate Governor) AttendedAttended
Ms Carla McFeely (Parent Governor) Apologies AcceptedAttended
Ms Paula Howe (Authority Governor) AttendedAttended
Mrs F McAvoy  (Associate Governor) Apologies AcceptedTerm Ended
Paul Ward (Foundation Governor)AttendedAttended
Attendance at Resources Meetings 2020 - 2021
Name of Governor 17/11/202009/03/202122/06/2021
Father Michael Jones (Foundation Governor) Attended
Mrs R Hince (Headteacher) Attended
Mrs M Harris Attended
Ms Paula Howe (Authority Governor) Attended
Sandra Ramnaught (Foundation Governor) Attended
Peter McDonald (Foundation Governor)    Attended
Joanna Piotrowska (Parent Governor)    Attended
Attendance at Full Governing Board Meetings 2019 - 2020
Name of Governor 10/09/19 03/12/19 24/03/20 07/07/20
Paula Howe (Local Authority Governor)AttendedAttendedCOVIDCOVID
Jim Burcough (Foundation Governor)AttendedApologies AcceptedCOVIDCOVID
Mrs V Crompton (Staff Governor)AttendedApologies AcceptedCOVIDCOVID
Michelle Harris (Associate Governor/Deputy Head)AttendedApologies AcceptedCOVIDCOVID
Mrs R Hince (Headteacher)AttendedAttendedCOVIDCOVID
Fr Michael Jones (Foundation Ex Officio Governor) Apologies AcceptedAttendedCOVIDCOVID
Freda McAvoy (Foundation Governor) No Apologies ReceivedAttendedCOVIDCOVID
Carla McFeely (Parent Governor)AttendedApologies AcceptedCOVIDCOVID
Sandra Ramnaught (Foundation Governor)AttendedApologies AcceptedCOVIDCOVID
Paul Ward (Foundation Governor)AttendedApologies AcceptedCOVIDCOVID
Joanna Piotrowska (Parent Governor)AttendedAttendedCOVIDCOVID
Peter McDonald (Foundation Governor)AttendedAttendedCOVIDCOVID
Effectiveness Committee 2019-2020

Name of Governor 15/10/19 11/02/20 19/05/20

Paula Howe

(Local Authority Governor)

Attended    AttendedCOVID

Jim Burcough

(Foundation Governor)    

Apologies Accepted Apologies AcceptedCOVID

Mrs V Crompton

(Staff Governor)


Michelle Harris

(Associate Governor/Deputy Head)


Mrs R Hince



Fr Michael Jones

(Foundation Ex Officio Governor)

Apologies AcceptedRetrospective Apologies AcceptedCOVID

Freda McAvoy

(Foundation Governor)


Carla McFeely

(Parent Governor)


Paul Ward

(Foundation Governor)

Apologies AcceptedAttendedCOVID

Attendance at Monitoring Meetings 2019 - 2020
Name of Governor 10/10/19
Paula Howe (Local Authority Governor)Attended
Michelle Harris (Associate Governor/Deputy Head)Attended
Mrs R Hince (Headteacher)Attended
Fr Michael Jones (Foundation Ex Officio Governor) No Apologies Received
Carla McFeely (Parent Governor)Attended
Paul Ward (Foundation Governor)Attended
Attendance at Resources Meetings 2019 - 2020
Name of Governor 14/10/19 10/02/20 18/05/20
Paula Howe (Local Authority Governor)AttendedAttendedCOVID
Michelle Harris (Associate Governor/Deputy Head)AttendedAttendedCOVID
Mrs R Hince (Headteacher)AttendedAttendedCOVID
Sandra Ramnaught (Foundation Governor)AttendedApologies AcceptedCOVID
Joanna Piotrowska (Parent Governor)AttendedAttendedCOVID
Peter McDonald (Foundation Governor)AttendedAttendedCOVID