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Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Services - Ongoing Fire Incidents


As the school holidays approach, and with summer upon us, we at Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service know that you and your pupils/students are no doubt looking forward to having lots of fun with family and friends.


Should this lovely hot weather continue, then no doubt we’ll all want to spend more time outside, however we want everyone to be as safe as possible over the summer break.


You will have seen the reports about the recent grass and moorland fires across Greater Manchester, which have not only stretched our resources to their limit, but also had real potential to cause harm and injury.


Sadly, we have also had several drownings during this recent hot spell, involving young people attempting to cool off in open water.

Just before the schools break up, we wanted to take one last opportunity to let you know about all the useful information on the Safe4Summer website (including an iPad competition for the young people to enter)



In particular there’s a couple of really useful short videos that could be shown either in a classroom or assembly setting, and various leaflets etc. that can be printed off if required.


If you have any questions or queries before the holidays begin, please do get in touch with your local Area Admin Team, details below.