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School Opening

If you are a key worker and have no one at home that is able to look after your children whilst you are at work, school must be the only option available. We understand how difficult it can be to work from home whilst children are there, however your children must be at home with you. We are providing an essential service until we are no longer able to do so and school will close.

We need to know in advance when children will be here so that appropriate numbers of staff are available.

If school age children have younger siblings who are being looked after by a partner/someone else, it is advisable that all children would be with the same person. Contact is how this virus spreads and the more people that you and your children are with, the higher the risk of infection. This not only applies to your family but to our school staff as well who also have families to take care of. Once children leave school, they should not be socialising with anyone other than the people they live with.