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Thank you letter

We received the following letter from a member of the public recently. We feel it is a lovely reflection of all our children here at St Joseph's.



Good Morning Mr. Schilling,


I wanted to send you an email to express my thoughts on your pupils and staff.  On Wednesday 6th April I attended The Lowry Theatre to see Horrible Histories with my son and nephew, both 7 years old.  We took our seats and shortly after your pupils arrived to sit in the rows in front of us.  I was immediately drawn to how very smart the pupils were and being Scottish absolutely loved the tartan dresses!


The children all took guidance from their teachers as to seating plans and settled quickly with minimum fuss.........very impressive.  They all seemed so happy as did the very warm, friendly and smiley staff.  The staff member sitting in the row in front of me turned to ask me if my children could see ok and check she wasn't blocking their view.  A boy who also sat directly in front of us turned and asked my children if they would like to share his chocolate sweets.  It was a simple act but I was so very heartened by this, such wonderful manners.  Unfortunately, nowadays we don't seem to experience these lovely gestures that much!


I spent most of the show observing your staff because I was so taken by their interaction with the children.  There was a very evident harmonious relationship between them as well as a respectful one. During the interval your pupils continued with their fantastic behaviour and conducted themselves in an orderly manner.  After the show I was driving home and saw your pupils walking back to school and again was impressed with how they all walked sensibly and with huge smiles on their faces.


Since attending the theatre I have shared these thoughts with many friends when it occurred to me that I should share them with you. 



My son attends a fantastic school in Didsbury and I have been on many school trips to help out but I have never witnessed the exemplary behaviour that I did with your pupils.


WELL DONE ST JOSEPH'S I hope we share a theatre again in the future.