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Water safety

•          Dying for a dip? Every year people drown in our rivers, canals, lakes and reservoirs. No lifeguard, no swimming #BeWaterAware #Safe4Spring

•          It may be getting warmer but our rivers, canals, lakes and reservoirs are dangerously cold. Never swim in open water #BeWaterAware #Safe4Spring

•          Even the strongest swimmers lose their lives in open water – see Dylan’s story here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEYeryd9IrU #BeWaterAware #Safe4Spring

•          Stay out of the water. Cold water shock kills even the strongest of swimmers. Please wait for the leisure centres to open #BeWaterAware #Safe4Spring

•          Enjoy the outdoors safely and NEVER enter open water for any reason. There are hidden dangers beneath the surface. Protect yourself and help protect our NHS #BeWaterAware #Safe4Spring

•          Parents please teach your children about the dangers of open water swimming and visit https://www.manchesterfire.gov.uk/staying-safe/what-we-do/seasonal-safety/water-safety-advice/ #Safe4Spring