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Welcome to Nursery.

In the Foundation Stage at St. Joseph's , the children are taught to share and care about others reflecting the Catholic values in our mission statement .Our dedicated Early Years team provide a happy,caring secure environment where your child will flourish.


Autumn Term 1.


The children are all settling well into their new school life at St. Joseph's. They have been very busy making new friends and exploring their new surroundings.



‘Orbit’ is the name of a piece of software we use at school to help us observe and assess the children in accordance with the revised Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. You will be able to use the Orbit Family website, which complements Orbit Early Years. Orbit Family has been specifically created to make it easier for you to communicate with us about your child’s learning. Orbit makes it easier to share information between school and home – and that has real potential benefits for your child.


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Macmillan Coffee Morning.

The children helped to make some cakes so we could take part in the Macmillan coffee morning .We had the cakes at snack time, but drank milk instead of coffee !







Five currant buns.

Our favourite rhyme is " Five currant buns in the bakers shop " . The rhyme helps us to practise counting from 1 to 5 . You could help us at home by singing the song with us .

Five currant buns in the bakers shop.

Round and fat with a cherry on the top.

Along came ..................... with a penny one day.

Bought a currant bun and took it away.


We enjoyed making currant buns , round and fat with a cherry on top.


Autumn Term 2.


This is a very exciting term for the nursery children as we prepare for the coming of baby Jesus. We will be doing lots of exciting activities to get ready for his birth at Christmas.



The children enjoyed learning all about Bonfire night . We talked about the fireworks and the colours they make in the sky and how it makes us feel. We created a poem together.



The children enjoyed creating firework pictures using tinsel , glitter , beads and other sparkly objects. We watched a firework display on the Interactive whiteboard and made some hot chocolate with marshmallows to drink.


Poppy day.

We learnt about how the soldiers who serve in the army and navy keep us safe and protect us . We found out that people wear poppies to remember those who have died or been hurt when they were protecting others. We made some poppy pictures . At 11 am we stood very still and quiet in the playground to remember the shoulders . We heard the gun being fired to start the three minutes silence and the one to end it. The children all stood still and some saluted the brave soldiers who keep us safe .

Children in Need.

We talked about Pudsey bear and how people try to collect money to help other children. The nursery children came to school in non- uniform and brought a donation for Children in Need. They also brought in some money to buy an ice cream from the ice cream man who very kindly donated all the money to Children in Need.


We have been learning all about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita.


Rama and Sita lived in a beautiful palace.

Rama's wicked stepmother sent them into the forest.

A demon king with ten heads saw Sita and kidnapped her . He took her to his island and kept her in his beautiful garden.

The monkey king who could fly helped Rama find Sita .

There was a terrible battle and Rama shot the demon king with a special bow and arrow.Rama and Sita returned to the palace and all the people in the kingdoms lit special diva lamps to help them find their way home.


The children have enjoyed lots of Diwali activities. We coloured some rice with lovely bright colours and made our own diva lamps. We made special Rangoli patterns to welcome people into our classroom. 


We celebrated World Religion Day at St.Josephs by doing lots of Diwali activities. We made diva lamp, Rangoli patterns , had a go at Bangra dancing and had an Indian feast.

We talked about how Diwali is the Hindu festival of light and we watched a little girl preparing for Diwali with her family. We saw how she made sweets to give out to her friends and family to wish them good luck at Diwali and we made some sweets to give to our families .


Wish Tree.

The children helped to make a wish tree out of willow. They helped to thread the willow through the structure and hugged the tree to make a wish. Of course we can't tell you what we wished for , as it may not come true !

The Sleepy Shepherd.

The children from the Foundation Stage came together to perform The Sleepy Shepherd. The story of Jesus' birthday was brilliantly acted out by the children who sang and spoke up perfectly. The audience laughed in all the right places and clapped and cheered everyone. 

Christmas celebrations.

We enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner with special Christmas tree ice cream for pudding. The children make lovely crowns to wear for the dinner. We listened to Christmas music while we were eating. We had a brilliant Christmas party. We played musical statues and musical bumps. The favourite game was pass the parcel . We had a dance and some party food then a special visitor came . We saw Santas reindeer go past our window , then we heard his bell ringing and he came into our class!!!! We sang Jingle Bells to him and he had a present for everyone . 


Spring Term 1.

This half term we will be learning all about " Fairy Stories."

Fairy Tales.

The children have been enjoying our fairy tales topic this half term. We turned our role play area into a cottage and a woods so the children could act out the different stories we have been reading. Goldilocks and the Three Bears was a particular favourite with the children. We had porridge for snack and it wasn't too hot or too cold but " just right " . The children have really enjoyed dressing up as their favourite characters and like to repeat phrases from that characters story. 


The children have begun learning some letters of the alphabet .We are working through phase 2 of Letters and Sounds . The children are really loving learning the sounds that the letters make and are beginning to recognise the sounds we have learnt in books and on labels and signs around our classroom. Each week , we focus on a new sound and have lots of activities based around that sound to help the children remember . 

Making pizza to help us remember "p".


Chinese New Year.

The children celebrated the year of the monkey in nursery. They helped Mrs.Ormrod to  make an amazing dragons head so we could do a dragon dance. 

We tried some delicious Chinese food, some of us even used chopsticks to eat it with! 
We made Chinese lanterns , drums and dragon pictures . We looked at Mandarin writing and had a try at doing it ourselves. We listened to the story of the jade Emperor and the animals and found out which year we were born in and which animal represents that year. 

The children enjoyed helping to make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.They measured the ingredients and mixed the batter. They chose their favourite topping , chocolate sauce was the winner!


Spring 2.


This half term , we have been working hard with numbers, doing lots of counting , measuring , number recognition and seeing how we use numbers everywhere. At home and when you are out and about ,  see if you can spot some numbers. Do lots of counting , set the table for tea and count out the cutlery and plates , count the socks in the washing machine, how many stairs do you have in your house ? 


This half term we have been learning all about castles. We have enjoyed dressing up as Knights, princesses , kings , queens and even jesters . We have been looking in information books to find out what it was like to live in a castle long ago. 


We have also been learning all about shapes . We have enjoyed making our own big castle pictures using the brick shapes.


As well as making castles , we have been using the shapes to make other pictures like houses and rockets. We have been talking about the names of the shapes and how many sides each shape has . 

On World book day we all came to school dressed as our favourite characters from the books we love to read. We had a wonderful day , reading lots and lots of books and acting out our favourite stories .

We have been working hard at counting and recognising numbers . We have enjoyed lots of different number activities inside and outside the classroom. 

We have been learning all about recycling . In class we have special bags to put our plastic bottles and paper into. We take it in turns to take the bags to the big bins so our rubbish can be made into new things and we can help to look after our planet. We have a special fruit big which we collect our peel in and we put that into the compost bin we have in our garden so we can use the compost to help our plants and vegetables to grow. 

The children had a surprise visitor to our class. The Easter bunny came and hid lots of eggs around our garden . The children looked together and collected the eggs . The Easter bunny thought the nursery children were so wonderful that he left them some of his special chocolate eggs to eat too ! 

The children have come back after Easter to find lots of signs of Spring in our garden. The trees have started to get blossom on and the plants in our bog garden have begun to flower. We have been weeding out the tyres and planting some herbs. When you come to school, have a look round our garden , touch the different leaves and see if you can find the chocolate mint plant or the fennel or one of the other plants we have. The children have made signs to help you.


The children are really enjoying our phonics lessons. They are beginning to write the sounds we have learnt when they are playing and can recognise the sounds in the books we read and around the classroom.
Here are the sounds we have learnt up to now. See if your child can recognise and write them for you at home. We have also started to make simple three letter words using the sounds we have learnt. Try sounding out a word for your child, like cat, dog, pan, cot, and see if they can tell you which word you are sounding out.
We are learning all about bugs this half term. Did you know that a worm has up to ten hearts or that a slugs body is called a foot ? The children are looking for bugs in our garden and we are finding out information about the bugs we find using books, the Internet and by watching  "Jess' mini beast adventure "on CBeebies. We are planting different types of plants to attract a variety of bugs into our garden. The bog garden is already full of frogspawn and the children are very excited about seeing the transformation from frogspawn to tadpole to frog.