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In the foundation stage at St Joseph’s the children are taught to share and care about others reflecting the Catholic values in our school mission statement. Our dedicated Early Years team provide a happy, caring, secure learning environment where your child will flourish. 

Pirate Sports Day

Nursery and Reception Came together to have a fantastic Sports Day.

All the children (and adults) had a brilliant time running races and cheering on their friends.

After we had all sat in the Nursery and had a delicious snack of fish and chip (crisps) and bars of gold!

Term 5


This term we will be learning about the garden; 

We will be using one of our favourite books to help us Peter Rabbit. 

As some of you may have noticed we have been turning our role play area in to Mr McGregors garden, the children and teachers are all very excited. 

Using this we will find out how to grow different vegetables like Mr McGregor and about lots of minibeasts that live in the garden. 

We will be using our every growing mathematic skills to help us count the seeds we are planting, measure the plants to see how much they have grown and make graphs about the different minibeats we find. 


Term 4


This term our topic is castle.

We will be learning all about castles and castle life, as well as finding out about our Royal Family.

As part of our topic will we make an information book about castles as well as writing our own castle stories.

In the creative area we are going to create our own coat of arms to hang on the wall, we will also paint pictures of ourselves as different people in a castle for our display.

This term we will be learning lots of different shapes names, to help us with this we have a castle shape construction area.

In the pictures below you will see the huge Castle that has been constructed in our class room so we can pretend we in a real castle. But be warned there is also a dungeon that you might get thrown in to if you do not follow our rules!!!!

Egg Roll

All the children were very excited this morning as they came to school with their decorated eggs. We went outside with Reception and watched them roll their eggs first.

We couldn’t wait for our go. We took it in turns to roll our eggs and made sure we cheered for our friends when it was their go.

Easter Egg Hunt






Today we had a special visit from the Easter Bunny!

He came and visited us in the classroom and told us he had hidden some Easter eggs outside.

We all had a wonderful time finding eggs and making sure all our friends had found one too!

 Spring Walk

As the weather is getting warmer the children have noticed lots of change in our Nursery garden so we decided to go on a walk around the field to see what signs of spring we could find.

 We began by finding and naming all the different flowers we found

         ‘I can see blossom’

                              ‘Look here are daffodils                                                         ‘Here are some daisy’s’

 There were so many things to look at on the field, we walked all the way to Mary’s garden finding so many signs of spring along the way.

We finished our walk by playing in the willow house, which we noticed had lots of new leaves and even some flowers growing around the edge of it.

We had to be careful not to tread on them.

St Patricks Day

On Friday 17th March we celebrated St Patrick’s Day.

We learnt about St Patrick going to Ireland to teach people about God.

We listened to some stories about leprechauns and how they hide a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We decided to make our own rainbows and talk about the different colours we used.

Mrs Ormrod then made some leprechaun masks with us so we could pretend to be trickster leprechauns.

Continuing our Irish theme for the day for snack we tried soda bread and some Kimberly biscuits.

Later Mrs Crompton took us all to the hall and we had a go at Irish dancing. It was really fun!

Keep Britain Tidy

This year the school took part in the Great British Spring Clean, led by the Eco Warriors.

We teamed up with Year 4 to carry out a litter pick of the Nursery garden and the allotment area. 

We could not believe the amount of litter we found! 

When we went back to class we spoke about making sure we do not drop litter, we must find a bin or kept hold of it until we get home.  



World Book Day

This year for World Book Day we all came to school dressed as our favourite book characters.

We had an assembly in the Hall so we could go and see everyone's costumes.

In class we made our own books, acted out our favourite stories and read LOTS of books.

Can you guess which characters we have come as?

In Class we have begun learning about Lent.
We listed to a story about Jesus going in to the wilderness to pray and think about God for 40 days and 40 nights.
But before we begin Lent we had to do something very exciting, make pancakes!
We had a brilliant time trying to flip them in the kitchen before putting on our favourite toppings and eating them!   

Term 3

Traditional Tales

This term we are learning about traditional tales such as:

  • Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
  • Jack and the Bean Stalk
  • 3 Billy Goats Gruff
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • The Ginger Bread Man
  • The 3 Little Pigs

and lots more

World Religion Day

ON Thursday the whole school came together to celebrate World Religion Day. The children in the Early Years celebrated the Jewish festival of Purim. We listened to the story of Queen Esther and watched how children from a Jewish school celebrate Purim. We found out what a happy festival this is and that the children dress up and have a celebration. They go to the synagogue and listen to the story of Queen Esther, where they shake shakers whenever they hear the name of the stories baddie, Haman. We made shakers in class and the children dressed up. We had a cat walk show with the Reception children. We found out that during Purim the food eaten is a triangle shape ,to represent Hamans hat. We made sweet and savoury Hamantash to eat after our cat walk show.

Chinese New Year 

This week we having been learning all about China and the story of Chinese New Year.

We began by listening to the story of the Chinese Zodiac, this year is the Year of the Rooster. 

Then we decided to heave our own Chinese New Year celebration so we made lanterns to decorate the classroom. 

We found out Chinese children receive money wallets during Chinese New Year so we made our own the counted coins to put in it. 

On Friday we joined with Reception to have a party, we listened to traditional Chinese music, then enjoyed a Chinese banquet. It was great fun! 

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Ginger Bread Men


We have been busy making gingerbread man

Why don't you have a go at home following this recipe


Term 2 

This Term we will be learning about festivals and celebrations, we hope to find out more about;



Bonfire Night 

Poppy Day 

Children in Need 




if you or any one in your family feel they could help us learn more about any of these topics please come and speak to us. 



Christmas Party

After our wonderful Nativity we had a Christmas Party.

We played pass the parcel, danced and ate some delicious party food.

Then we heard a noise on the roof... it sounded like bells... Can you guess who it was


Below are some wonderful pictures of Nursery and Reception in our fabulous production of 'The Sleepy Shepherd'.

The children worked so hard to learn all of the songs and we are very proud of them all.

Well Done!

Children in Need

This year for children in need we all dressed up in our own clothes to help raise money for children in need.

The day began with a very special visitor PUDSEY BEAR!

We learnt all about how we can help Pudsey raise money for poorly children.







We then had an ice cream from Austin!

Poppy Day 

On Friday 11th November we learnt about how the soldiers who serve in the army and navy keep us safe, help and protect us. 

We discovered that people wear Poppies to help them remember all the people who have died or been hurt in the war, to help us remember we coloured some Poppy pictures. 

At 11 am we watched a beautiful tribute on Cbeebies to help us stay silent and remember all those who have died or been injured protecting us. 

Bonfire Night 


To celebrate bonfire night we decided to build our own bonfire in the garden we then put in different coloured tissue to make it look 'on fire'.

In the morning we make chocolate sparklers which we ate, they were delicious!

Then we had some hot chocolate to keep us warm.

After we made shapes with our pretend sparklers and Mrs Ormrod taught us a song about a Bonfire night.



This week we have been finding out about Diwali, it is the 'festival of lights' and is celebrated by Hindus.

During the festival Hindus celebrate the return of Rama and Sita, we have been learning about this story and watched a video all about it on Cbeebies, see link below. 

We have coloured some rice to make some Rangoli patterns to welcome people to our class room, we have also begun to make some Divas (Diya) which the lamps people lit to help Rama and Sita find their way back home. 

Mrs Ormrod made us a beautiful Palace so we can act out the story of Rama and Sita. 


Term 1

The children are all settling well in to their new school life at St Joseph's. 

They have all been very busy making new friends and exploring their new surroundings. 


This Term we will be learning about the Garden and Baking

Pumpkin Soup

Today we made delicious pumpkin soup! 

In Nursery one of our favourite stories is called Pumpkin Soup, so today we decided to make some. 

We began by cutting the pumpkin in half and spoke about what we found.  Next we cut the pumpkin in to small pieces and put them in the pot for cooking. Next Miss Woolman added some stock cubes and we left it to cook for a long time. 


When it was ready Miss Woolman let us watch as she blended it all together to make a nice smooth soup. 


Then it was ready, all put on our coats sat outside on the logs and tried some pumpkin soups with bread, some of us LOVED it, others didnt! 

Minibeat Area


We have all been working really hard to make a new minibeast area in our garden.

We searched high and low for lots of different types of bugs. We then watched videos and looked in books to find out where different bugs like to live. Finally we helped our teachers create an area for the bugs in our garden.

We love to use the area to investigate and find out more about the bugs. 

Macmillian Coffee Morning 

In Nursery we decided to have a tea party to help support the fantastic work carried out by Macmillian Nurses. We all had a cup of tea and some delicious cake curtesy of Deri.

Together we helped raise nearly £400!


We decided to go for a walk to explore the wonderful school grounds. 

We began in the Allotment where we tasted some delicious blackberries

and found some HUGE sunflowers.


Then we continued in to the Orchard where we found lots of different types of apples growing on the trees and on the floor. 

Oliver spotted some juice purple plums high up in the tree.

Next we explored the wooded area and found some big tree trunks to climb on 


before running to the willow house 


We finished our walk with a trip to Mary's Garden where to learnt about Mary being Jesus's Mother. 

 Everyone was very tired by the time we returned to class!