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Hello Nursery!


We have reached the last week of the school year!  In class this week we will be celebrating the final week of Nursery.  Here are some of the things we will be doing:


  • Exploring measurement by using scales to measure ingredients to make cupcakes.  Each child will wash their hands and will make their own mixture.
  • We will be talking about what makes us happy at school and making our own book of drawings and writing of things we enjoy.
  • We will vote on a Cosmic Kids yoga video – we love yoga! (You can find the clips on Youtube)
  • Each child will practise writing their names using labels and from memory.
  • We will play games to practise turn taking, such as snakes and ladders.
  • The children will choose a story to listen to throughout the week.  Each child will then have a go at being the teacher and practise retelling the story by themselves!
  • Choose a favourite song on Youtube and have a dance party!
  • See if we can count all the way to 20 and practise counting backwards.


For the children who are learning at home, I will give you a phone call on Thursday morning to hear about how you are and to say goodbye and good luck!


Thank you for a brilliant year Nursery, have a lovely summer and good luck in Reception!  Stay happy and safe, love Miss Ibsen x




Week beginning 22nd of June - The Very Busy Spider

Week beginning 15th June - The Very Hungry Caterpillar