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In the foundation stage at St Joseph’s the children are taught to share and care about others reflecting the Catholic values in our school mission statement. Our dedicated Early Years team provide a happy, caring, secure learning environment where your child will flourish.




Week Good Work Child of the Week
12/12/14 Oliver- Writing his name  Lottie
9/1/15 Charlie- Writing  Darcie
16/1/15 Allyssia- Maths size ordering  David A
23/1/15 Bradley- Writing


30/1/15 Jaxson- Painting Honey
6/2/15 David. F- Writing Miley
13/2/15 Tommy- Drawing


27/2/15 Martim- Painting  Ellie 
6/3/15 Ria- Writing  Shae
13/3/15 Isabel- Writing  Bella
20/3/15 Nikodem- Writing  
27/3/15 Skylar- Dancing  Byron
17/4/15 Jaxson- Creative David F 
24/4/15 Lottie- Writing Bradley
1/5/15 Miley- Creative  Charlie
8/5/15 Honey- Creative Martim
15/5/15 David. A- Counting  Isabel 


My Dentist

On Wednesday we were visited by 'My Dentist'

The children listened to a fantastic story all about Douglas the Dinosaur who did not brush his teeth. We then spoke about how to brush our teeth before carrying out a series of activities. 

The first activity involved us visiting the mobile dentist unit where we had the oppourntiy to try on dentist outfits, sit in the dental chair and try some special tablets that showed if we had plaque on our teeth. 

We then played a games trying to guess which fruits and vegetables Mel was describing. 

In the last activity we had to sort out a lunch box in to 'good' and 'bad' food. 

We all had a wonderful day and can not wait to visit the dentist! 


Pirate Sports Day 

Nursery and Reception Came together to have a fantastic Sports Day. 

All the children (and adults) had a brilliant time running races and cheering on their friends. 

This term our Topic is 


We will be looking for minibeasts in our garden and recording what we find through pictures and writing stories.  

Whilst in the garden we are going to look at the size of the different minibeasts that we find and measure the plants that grow in the garden. 

We will be reading lots of books about minibeasts such as;

The Very hungry Caterpillar

The bad tempered Ladybird

The Teeny Weeny Tadpole

The Tadpoles promise

And lots of insect information books.  

When you are out and about try having a look to see what creepy crawlies you can find. Maybe try and take a photo of them that you can show in school. 

Medieval Banquet

On Thursday 26th March we held a Royal Banquet to complete our Castle topic. 

We began the day by baking some bread for the banquet. We took turns to knead the bread so it would rise in the oven. 

Next we learnt some Medieval dancing so we could perform for each other. 

In the afternoon we sat down in the Royal Hall to eat our Banquet, we enjoyed bread rolls, sausage rolls, a castle cake and we even had a pigs head!

It was delicious!


This term our topic is castle. 

We will be learning all about castles and castle life, as well as finding out about our Royal Family.

As part of our topic will we make an information book about castles as well as writing our own castle stories. 

In the creative area we are going to create our own coat of arms  to hang on the wall, we will also paint pictures of ourselves as different people in a castle for our display. 

This term we will be learning lots of different shapes names, to help us with this we have a castle shape construction area. 

In the pictures below you will see the huge Castle that has been constructed in our class room so we can pretend we in a real castle. But be warned there is also a dungeon that you might get thrown in to if you do not follow our rules!!!!


World Book Day 

This year for World Book Day we all came to school dressed as our favourite book characters. 

We had an assembly in the Hall so we could go and see everyone's costumes. 

In class we made our own books, acted out our favourite stories and read LOTS of books.

Can you guess which characters we have come as?

Traditional Tales 

This term we are learning about traditional tales such as:

  • Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
  • Jack and the Bean Stalk 
  • 3 Billy Goats Gruff
  • Little Red Riding Hood 
  • The Ginger Bread Man 
  • The 3 Little Pigs 

and lots more



Traditional Tales

Christmas Party 

After our wonderful Nativity we had a Christmas Party.

We played pass the parcel, danced and ate some delicious party food. 

Then we heard a noise on the roof... it sounded like bells... Can you guess who it was?


Below are some wonderful pictures of Nursery and Reception in our fabulous production of 'The Sleepy Shepherd'.

The children worked so hard to learn all of the songs and we are very proud of them all. 

Well Done! 


On Tuesday we went to Legoland at the Trafford Centre.

We had an amazing action packed day including learning how to build tall towers, climbing the fire station, watching a 4D film and learning how Lego bricks are made.

Children In Need 

On Friday we dressed up as Super Hero's to help raise money for Children in Need. 

We learnt all about Pudsey and how he helps children who are not very well. 

We decided to set up a hospital in the class room and look after some poorly babies. 



This term we have been learning about buildings and how they are made. 

First we design the building, then we have to decide what material to use. 

When we have done this we need to make sure we have the correct tools, then we build! 

Here are some of our buildings.


This term we are going to begin learning our Phonics (letters). Each week we will learn a new letter sound then on a Friday your child will take home a sheet with the letter on and a picture to colour in. Please practise the letter sound with your child and talk to them about words they know that begin with this sound.

If you need any help with the letter sounds please to not hesitate to ask.

Phonics Video

Tami Reis-Frankfort, reading specialist and trainer, demonstrates how to pronounce the sounds of the English Phonic Code, when teaching children to read with Synthetic Phonics. http://www.phonicbooks.co.uk
(Please note we say 'u' differently!)

Half Term Homework 

End of term letter


Building- Next Term we are going to be learning about building. 

While you're out and about this half term talk to your children about the different building we see around us every day.

In class we have some pictures up to help inspire us. 

Click on the link below to have a look. 

Buildings Around Us

During the holidays also continue to practice counting with your children every day. 

You could;

  • Talk about numbers you see when out and about on the bus, in the shops etc 
  • Count out the food when shopping- we need 3 oranges
  • Set the table- 4 knifes, 4 forks, 4 plates
  • Count the steps as you go up and down the stairs
  • Count some pennies 
  • How many leaves, conkers and twigs can you find in the park?

The list is endless. 


Autumn 1

This term we have been learning to...

Make Friends



1 Panda
2 Animals
3 pieces of furniture
4 Bricks
5 Dolls
I can count to 5


Having a picnic in Mary's Garden