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Welcome to Reception

In the Foundation Stage at St. Joseph's, the children are taught to share and care about others reflecting the Catholic values in our mission statement. Our dedicated Early Years team provide a happy, caring secure environment where your child will flourish.




Star of the Week


Date Star of the Week  Pupil Work
25 September Sonny, Daisy, Sophia Charlie
2 October Miley Bella
9 October  Jaxson Skylar
16 October  Darcie Nikodem
23 October  Lottie  Bradley
6 November  Grace Tommy
20 November  Oliver Allyssia
27 November  Honey  Shae
4 December  Sonny David F
11 December  Byron  Isabel
18 December Ria -
8 January David A -
22 January Byron


29 January  Tommy Martim
5 February Bella Miley



‘Orbit’ is the name of a piece of software we use at school to help us observe and assess the children in accordance with the revised Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. You will be able to use the Orbit Family website, which complements Orbit Early Years. Orbit Family has been specifically created to make it easier for you to communicate with us about your child’s learning. Orbit makes it easier to share information between school and home – and that has real potential benefits for your child.


Click on the link above to log in to Orbit


Send us a postcard to share what your child has achieved at home.

Once logged in to Orbit, choose the icon on the left that says "new postcard." A new screen saying "Send a postcard will appear.

Select "Choose File" and search for the image you wish to upload. (When you have chosen the image it will not show on the screen, but the file name will be displayed.)

Enter your "Description of activity" in the text box.

Select which of your children the Postcard relates to


Sports Day

This year we decided to have a carnival themed sports day in honour of the Olympics being held in Rio this year.


Jodrell Bank


After an exciting two terms learning all about Space we took a trip to the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, home to the world famous Lovell Telescope. 

We have been counting down the days until our trip for the last two weeks so as you can imagine we were all VERY excited! 

Our day began with a long Coach journey, but we made it fun by counting how many different types of animals we could see. We saw cows, sheep, horses and even some pheasants!

When we got there we went straight to the education centre where we learnt about Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins’ exciting trip to the Moon and back during their Apollo 11 mission!

We found out why astronauts wear spacesuits 

how rockets work, then we got to build our own air-powered rockets to take home!


After all that learning we were extremely hungry so we decided to eat our lunch and enjoy the breath taking view of the huge Lovell telescope. 


After lunch we went to look at the clockwork Orrery, we were fascinated with looking at all the planets, watching them orbit the sun. 


Then we went to the discovery centre and explored all the different exhibition.    


Finally we explored the gardens and played in the park before our long journey home. 





This term we will be learning about DINOSAURS, we are all very excited!

Last week we chose some dinosaurs that we wanted to learn more about; 










When your at home why don't you see if you can find out any new facts about these dinosaurs?


Topic Overview


We have all been very busy in the run up to Easter, 

Learning about the Easter Story, making Easter cards, carrying out the egg roll 

we then had an Easter egg hunt and a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny!

St Patrick's Day 

We had a wonderful time on the 17th March celebrating St Patrick's Day.

We learnt the story of St Patrick travelling to Ireland to teach people about God and how he used the shamrock to represents God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, like we say when we make the sign of the cross. 

To help us remember this we had some shamrock biscuits at snack time!

But before we enjoyed our snack Mrs Crompton took us to the hall with the Nursery and taught us some Irish Dancing. 

First we warmed up  

Then we learnt how to hold our hand by our sides when we jumped 


Mrs Crompton said we were brilliant and ready to learn some steps 


Next we were ready to do a Ceilidh Dance we stood in two line girls and boys we then had to step in and out and dance with our partners. 



World book day

We have all the noted a wonderful day celebrating world book day. 

In class we have all been working so hard learning how to read and write that this year during world book day we were all able to make our own books and began to read some of the books in class! 

I know some children especially enjoyed the new batman books! 

Next time your in our class why don't you test us on our key words?



Can you guess which character we have dressed up as? 

Space Party 

To celebrate all we have learnt so far about Space we decided to have a Space Party!

All the children and staff arrived at school dressed in Amazing costumes, to find the class room transported in to space. 

The carpet was the moon 

The reading area an Alien planet

We had space music, food, party games and a FANTASTIC day! 

Thank you to all the parents for your on going support the costumes were brilliant. 


In Class we have been learning about Lent. 

We learnt about Jesus going in to the wilderness to pray and think about God for 40 days and 40 nights.

As a class we have decided to make some Lenten promises, next time your in our classroom why don't you come and read them on our Lenten Promise tree.  

But before we begin Lent we had to do something very exciting, make pancakes! 

We had a brilliant time trying to flip them in the kitchen before putting on our favourite toppings and eating them! 


Chinese New Year 

Reception had a wonderful week preparing for Chinese New Year. 

First we listened to the story of how each year was given a name, we then acted this out in the small world area. 

Then we made some decorations and put them around the classroom. 

On Monday we had a party, watched some Chinese dragon dancing and tried lots of different Chinese food, we even used chop sticks. 

We all had a wonderful day! 

Term 3/4-  Space 

This term we are going to be learning about space. 

With the exciting trip Tim Peake has made to the International Space Station and the BBC Stargazing there could not be a better time to be finding out about Space.

Why not have a look on the Cbeebies website to find out more about Space click on the link below 



Topic Overview

We have been learning lots about Space already!

Autumn Term 2- People Who Help Us 

This term we are going to be learning all about the different people in our community who help us. 

Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Police, Fire Fighters, Postal workers, Priest, Teachers, Vets, Refuse Collectors, Armed Forces

If you or any of your friends and family work in any of these role we would love to hear from you. 

Topic Overview

Sleepy Shepherd 

After weeks of hard work the children performed the Nativity on Tuesday. 

They all sang beautifully and confidently said their words. 

Well Done! 


After a wonderful Nativity the children celebrated with a Christmas Party. 

We enjoyed dancing, singing, pass the parcel and some delicious food. 

Then we had a special visitor, can you guess who it was?


In school we have been learning about different Religions. 

Nursery, Reception and Year 1 all learnt about Hinduism. In Reception we decided to learn about the Hindu festival of light Diwali. 

We read the story of Rama and Sita to find out why Hindu's light candles at Diwali. 


Below are some pictures of us, making Rangoli patters, trying different Indian foods and sweets, making coconut ice and acting out the story of Rama and Sita


On Friday Reception took a trip to St Peters in Ancoats to watch a performance of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant by the Halle Orchestra. 


We had a wonderful time learning about the instruments, watching the performance and we participated by shaking our shakers and singing songs.




We have been looking forward to Bonfire Night all week so we decided to have a Bonfire Party. 

We began by making some sparklers and rockets, we then made some firework biscuits with sprinkles and popping candy. 

Outside we made a bonfire with sticks and leaves, then put some tissue paper in to be the pretend flames. 

Tommy and Oliver decided to be fire officers, they marched around the fire to make sure that it was safe then made sure none of the flames were going to burn us. 

We had a lovely party, writing our names with our sparklers, 'setting' off rockets, eating our biscuits and warming ourselves by the fire. After the bonfire the children made up some firework dances.


Autumn Walk 

Today we went on an Autumn walk around the field. 

We looked along the hedgerow to see if we could find any of the British animals we have been learning about rabbits, badger, foxes and hedgehogs.

Unfortunately we did not see any but we spoke about how most of the animals will not be out during the day.

We loved looking at all of the different coloured leaves discussing the shape, colour and size. 

Everyone chose their favourite leaf to bring back to class, once back in class we wrote poems about our leaves. 

Autumn Term 1- Animals

The children have made a busy start to the year learning all about different types of animals, where they live, what they eat and how they move.

Activites at home 

Here is a list of some activities you can do at home with your children. 



In our role play area we have been using our imagination to pretend to be different characters, people and sometimes animals!

Hand Washing 

On Thursday we had a visit from the school nurse. She spoke to us about how to wash our hands. 

We put some special hand lotion on then looked under an amazing UV light our hands were like Alien hands, we then had to wash them using soap. When we put them back under the magic UV light they looked normal again. 

The Nurse taught us a great song to sing

(tune of row row row your boat)

Wash Wash Wash your hands

Play the hand wash game 

Scrub and Rub

Rub and Scrub 

Wash your germs away


Macmillian Coffee Morning

We helped bake lots of delicious treats for the Macmillian Coffee Morning helping the school raise over £300!

On Wednesday morning we learnt about the Macmillian Nurses and how they look after people who are sick, we then had our own Tea Party to help raise money for them.


Henri Rousseau

We have been learning about the French Artist Henri Rousseau

As a class we felt inspired by his beautiful jungle pictures. We have created our own and can not wait for them to be finished so we can show them to you in our class and on our website.


Nature Area 

As we are learning about animals this term we thought we had better look after the ones that live in our garden.

In Reception garden behind the tree we have been very busy making a Bug Hotel, Toad Hall, a Hedgehog Home and a Log Pile. We hope to encourage lots of different wildlife to come and live in our garden so we can learn more about them and observe them closely.