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Welcome to Reception


In the foundation stage at St Joseph’s the children are taught to share and care about others reflecting the Catholic values in our school mission statement. Our dedicated Early Years team provide a happy, caring, secure learning environment where your child will flourish.

The children have made a great start to their year in Reception.We have some new friends who have joined us this year and we have been getting to know each other. We have been experiencing lots of new things like going to the hall for our lunch and joining the rest of the school for assembly on a Friday.


In the woods.

This half term we are finding out about " the woods". We are reading story and information books about the woods and finding out about the animals that live in the woods in England.Have you been to the woods? Maybe you could take your family on a trip to the woods and the children can come back and tell the class all about it. 

Macmillan Coffee Morning.

The children joined in with the coffee morning for Macmillan.We talked about how nurses look after people when they are sick and what an important job they have.We made our own cakes and had our own coffee morning in Reception instead of having our usual snack time.Thank you to everyone who donated some money towards this very good cause. 



Autumn term 2.

This half term is always a busy one for the children in Reception. We are looking forward to learning all about the people who help and look after us in our community such as the police,fire and postal service,and, doctors,nurses and dentists.We would love for any parents or relations of the children who may work in these services to come into school and talk to the children about their jobs.


Witchy fun.

The children had a spooky time making potions and spells for Halloween.They even made a potion together which included eyeballs,a lock of hair and rats tails!


In maths,we have been learning all about 2D shapes.The children have made pictures using different shapes and we have been learning about the properties of each shape, such as how many sides they have and how many corners.

Children in Need. 

The children had a good day for Children in Need. We dressed up in spots and bright colours instead of our uniform.The children all brought some money to get an ice-cream from Austin,who gives the money donated to Children in Need. We even had a visit from Pudsey Bear himself ! Most importantly we talked about how the money raised by Children in Need help children all over the country. 


People who help us.

We have been learning about all the people who help us in our community.The children enjoyed finding out about the different jobs that people have which help us and what they do in their jobs.The children made a " town " and made the buildings which are important to our community, police and fire station, hospital, church,houses and school. The children made models of fire engines with ladders that extend and other rescue vehicles like helicopters and ambulances.We talked about which job they would like to do when they are older. 


The children have been learning about Baptism.We read about what happens when someone in baptised into the Catholic Church and looked at some photos of when some of the children had been baptised.We re enacted a baptism of our baby doll,Amelia. The children chose the baby's name and wrote invitations for the baptism.The mummy and daddy , Elisa and Leo, chose who they thought would be good godparents for the baby ,after we had discussed what the role of the god parents is. The children chose Lloyd to be the priest, also after we discussed the qualities you would need to become me a priest.After the baptism we went over to church to see where baptism happens at St.Josephs , to see the font and the pascal candle.


The lead up to Christmas has been very exciting for everyone in Reception.We turned our role play area into a Christams post office and the children were busy writing letters to Santa and sending Christams cards to their mummies and daddies and friends. We performed our nativity play," The Sleepy Shepherd" with great success , all the children worked hard to learn their parts,the songs and where to stand on the stage and where they had to move about to. Even though some of us were very nervous we performed brilliantly.That afternoon we had a fantastic party with the nursery children.We danced and played musical statues and musical bumps.The favourite game of the afternoon was pass the parcel. Then we had some party food and drink and a special visitor took a break from his busy schedule to come and see us and give all the children a present.It was a lovely day.


This half term the children have been learning about Space.We have been using information books to find out different facts about The Solar System and the planets.We made our role-play area into a space station and the children made a rocket from a recycled box.They blast off into space for the space station and land on the different planets in the lunar rover.The children have been using their ever improving reading skills to find information in the non- fiction books about the different things they see on their space travels.They have been writing sentences about the facts they have learnt.

Chinese New Year.

The children enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year.We heard the story of the Jade Emperor and the animals who raced to be named one of the years in the Chinese zodiac.We discovered that 2017 is the year of the cockerel and the children enjoyed finding out which animal represents the year in which they were born.We made some red money envelopes and Chinese lanterns.We celebrated with the nursery ,eating some Chinese food and watching some traditional dancing.

Big Bird Watch.

The children took part in the Big bird Watch. We already feed the birds and look after the wild life very well at St.Josephs and each year ,the RSPB want everyone to spend a little time counting the different birds they see in their gardens.We made bird cake to hang up outside and used the bird spotter pictures to help us identify the different birds which visit our school garden.Lots of goldfinches like to visit St.Josephs,so we have to always have a supply of Niger seed, their favourite.We put out different food to see which birds it would attract.We had lots of visitors including robins,blue tits,great tits,pigeons,starlings,tree sparrows and magpies.


The children have been working really hard in maths.They have been working on recognising their numbers and counting,measuring and capacity.The children are working so well in groups,pairs and individually.All the hard work is being kept in our lovely new maths scrapbooks.

Love is in the air.

The children enjoyed making presents and cards for someone that they love to celebrate Valentine's Day.

World Religion Day.

As a school,we celebrated World Religion Day.The children in the Early Years heard all about the Jewish festival of Purim.We listened to the story of Queen Esther and watched how children from a Jewish school celebrate Purim.We found out what a happy festival this is and that the children dress up and have a celebration.They go to the synagogue and listen to the story of Queen Esther,where they shake shakers whenever they hear the name of the stories baddie,Haman.We made shakers in class and the children dressed up.We had a cat walk show with the nursery children.We found out that during Purim the food eaten is a triangle shape ,to represent Hamans hat. We made sweet and savoury Hamantash to eat after our cat walk show.

Spring term 2.

The children have made an exciting start back to school this term. We enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day. We spent the day reading all our favourite books and making our own books. 

Keep Britain Tidy.

The children took part in the Great British Spring Clean. We joined with the year 6 children to pick litter from around our school . The children were surprised to find all the different types of litter and we spoke about how they want to keep their school and the area they live in tidy.


We have been working extra hard in Maths this term. The children have been discovering different ways to add and subtract and working together to find the answers. 


As the term draws to a close the children watched the Year 3 children telling us the story of Easter and of Jesus rising on Easter Sunday. The Easter bunny paid us a visit and left some surprises for the children to find. The children took part in the egg roll competition, the winner was Kayden who rolled his egg the furthest.We had a special film afternoon as a treat , with popcorn and juice.