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Welcome to Reception


In the Foundation Stage at St.Josephs,the children are taught to share and care about others reflecting the Catholic values in our school mission statement. Our dedicated Early Years team provide a happy,caring,secure learning environment where your child will flourish.


Term 6.

In this final term in Reception, we have some exciting activities planned. A trip to the farm, pirate sports day, baking for the summer Fayre and a visit to Year 1 to name a few. 

30 wild things for June.

We are completing the Wildlife trusts " Do 30 wild things for June",which involves a new nature activity each day for the whole of June. This week we have been on a bug hunt, listened to the bird song, shared a wild book outside, feasted like a bird on cheese, sunflower seeds, apples and raisins, and, made natural pictures with the things we found in the garden. 

Number sentences.

The children have been using the dominoes to write their own addition number sentences. They are already very good at adding up in their heads and have a very good number knowledge but they haven't yet set out the addition problems using the correct signs. They took to it like a duck to water and were able to work independently, they didn't even need to count the spots to find the answers. 

Happy Fathers Day.

Have a lovely day on Sunday and enjoy your Superdad chocolate.


Term 5.

This term we will be learning about planting and growing. The children are looking forward to planting some seeds and plants, looking after them and watching them grow. They have worked hard to pull all the weeds out of the vegetable planter in preparation for putting the seeds in.


The children are working really hard to recognise and order numbers to 20. They have been playing games, filling in number lines and counting objects. 


One of the children's favourite activity is making and playing with playdough. We make a fresh batch each week and the children decide which colour and smell they would like. They are very inventive with their play, making patterns, cakes, even using the rolling pins to make people, a favourite being Ariel. Why don't you have a go at making it at home? Find the ingredients and instructions below.

2 cups of flour.

1 cup of salt.

2 cups of water. 

3 spoons of cream of tartare.

A few drops of food colouring and/or essence.

Mix it up and cook in a pan, stirring all the time until it all sticks together. Leave to cool then have fun!


Marian Procession.

The children did an amazing job of crowning the statue of Mary in church in front of all the parish of St.Josephs. Josie lead the procession with Joseph from the nursery and she placed the crown on the statue of Mary as the children sang " Bring flowers of the rarest." It was a wonderful morning and the children were a credit to our school and their parents. 

🐝🐝Save the bees. 🐝🐝

The children have been finding out about bees and how important they are. We have discovered that without bees flowers and plants cannot grow. We have also found out that bees are declining and that it is important for us to plant flowers the bees like to help the bee population. The children have planted a lavender, some wild flower seeds and nasturtiums to help the bees in our school garden. The children have a fabulous knowledge of bees, they know so many bee facts, such as bees have a honey stomach where they carry the nectar, bees do the waggle dance so that other bees know where to find the pollen and nectar and that there are lots of different types of bees, honeybees, bumblebees, leaf cutter bees to name a few and the queen bee in charge. The children enjoyed some honey on bread while we watched a short film about bees and beekeepers.The children found a bumble bee in the garden and it looked as though it was dying. They knew that if they gave it a mixture of sugar and water and left it near to some flowers it would revive and fly away.

Term 4.

We had an exciting return to school with our trip to the concert,The Princess and the Pea. The children had been practising the songs for weeks before our trip and were very excited to go to th concert. We have been learning about orchestras and their different instruments. The children ( and staff ) dressed as a character from the story and we joined with other schools from all over Manchester to take part in the concert. We were even treated to a ride on a double decker bus thanks to Ms Campbell. 

Pancake Day.

The children had a wonderful time making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. They did it all by themselves. They followed the instructions, measured the ingredients, cracked the eggs and mixed the batter. They needed some help to cook the pancakes, but they certainly didn't need any help eating them! 

World Book Day.

We had a lovely day celebrating World Book Day.The children came to school dressed as their favourite character from a book. We spent the day making our own books and reading all of our favourite stories. Year 4 came to our class and shared some of their favourite stories with us and we told them our favourite stories. 

St.Patricks Day.

We had great craic celebrating St.Patricks Day. The leprechauns came and turned the milk green and left the children some delicious Irish soda bread, which they absolutely loved. They left them some sparkly green leprechaun potion and rainbows and gold coins to play with.We watched Riverdance on the big screen, listened to some traditional Irish music and had a go at dancing ourselves. 

St.Josephs Day.

We had a wonderful day celebrating the feast of our patron saint , St.Joseph. We went to mass with all the school and celebrated with our parish family. After mass, we had a treat of yummy ice cream! In the afternoon we had afternoon tea with the nursery children and we enjoyed all playing together.  St.Josephs is a lovely, kind , happy and  welcoming school and parish and we love being a part of it. 

Happy Holi.

We celebrated the Hindu festival of Holi. We discovered that Holi is a celebration of Spring and colour. We played with the colourful parachute and mixed powder paints and coloured water together. 


The children have loved our Superhero topic. We have dressed up as our favourite Superheroes, read books, measured, painted and made models of them. The children made up their own characters, two of the favourites being X-Ray boy and Electric boy. We have seen some wonderful reading and writing from the children, making their own comic strips and adventures. I was so impressed with their Superhero knowledge, I have definitely learnt a thing or two !! 


As well as measuring Superheroes, the children have been working hard to recognise, count and order numbers to 20 (and beyond once they have mastered this). It is very important for all the Reception children to be able to do this confidently and independently. We have been playing games such as snakes and ladders and the children have been using our various number resources.


During Lent, the Bishop of Salford has written to all parishes and schools and asked for us to do things to help the environment. The children in Reception have really taken his message to heart and have been making posters, actively making changes in our class and also taking the message home to their parents. I'm so proud of them and how they have taken all the messages about the environment and climate change to heart and are responding to help the environment in the ways which they can. The children have been recycling, composting, not using plastic, feeding the birds,looking after the bugs and picking up litter. 

The Journey Home.

The children retold the story of The Journey Home to the rest of our school. It tells the story of some of the worlds most endangered species and how their habitats are being destroyed due to climate change. We told the rest of the school what we are doing to help the environment and we hoped that after watching our little reenactment it would make them think twice when throwing away rubbish without recycling. After reading the story the Reception children were very interested in the habitats of different animals and we found out about the by reading books and researching them on the Internet.


The children have been enjoying some Easter activities. We have been counting carrots for the Easter bunny, creating Easter patterns, making hot cross bun playdough and lovely yellow chick playdough, which smelt like lemons.The favourite activity was definitely the Easter egg hunting. The children took it in turns to hide the eggs and then worked together to find the eggs, counting how many together. We went to watch the Easter play, where the Year 3 children did an amazing job of bringing to life the important events of Holy Week. The term was brought to an exciting end with a visit from the Easter bunny, who brought chocolate bunnies for everyone. 

We wish you a Holy and Happy Easter.

Term 3. 

The children have made a wonderful start to the new term. They are very excited to discover more about our new topic, Space. Mrs. Armes has made our role-play area into a space station and we have lots of exciting activities planned.


The Sun.

The children have been learning about the Sun this week. They have discovered lots of amazing facts like the sun is a star, it is big ball of hot gas, the planets orbit the sun and Earth is the third planet from the sun. Ask your child can they tell you a " sun fact ". I'm sure they will amaze you. 

We mixed our own paints, to create sun colours. We made some lovely oranges, yellows and reds. To reflect the colours of the sun. We also mixed some coloured water and glitter to make swirly sun patters in the water. The children wrote their own " sun sentences ".

Manchester United.

The children will be having some football sessions with the coaches from Manchester United. This week the children learnt how to dribble and try and get the ball from the opposing team. 


We enjoyed Scottish day in school this week. We found out about all the things Scotland is famous for , castles, wildlife, countryside. We especially enjoyed hearing about the Loch Ness monster. We made our own Scottish flags, kilts and tartan. We took part in our own Highland games, tossing the caber, a tug of war and throwing the hammer. We made delicious flapjacks with some Scottish porridge oats and tried some Scottish dancing. 

The Moon.

This week we discovered some facts about the moon. We found out that the moon is made of rock and is covered in dust. We discovered that the craters on the moon are made when asteroids and meteors crash into it. We made our moon in the black tray and used flour and porridge oats for the dust, we crashed different sized balls onto it to see how the craters are made on the moons surface.


The Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh.

The children have been finding out the famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh. We have looked particularly at his Starry Night painting. We talked about the painting, the colours, shapes, textures, the children mixed their own powder paint. They made the background first and discovered how to make their colours darker or lighter, by adding black or white. When the backgrounds were dry they children added their stars and moon. We made some blue and yellow playdough and the children recreated The Starry Night using the different sized cutters as well. 

The children were so taken with The Starry Night that we went on to find out more about Vincent and his famous paintings. The children discovered that although his paintings are very famous now and worth millions, he was actually rather poor and people didn't appreciate his work until after he had died. The children found this " very sad" , " poor Vincent, he must have been unhappy ". Ask your child can they tell you the name of one of his famous paintings, they will amaze you. 

Snow fun.

We had a fabulous time in the snow this week. As soon as they children arrived at school, we put on the snow suits and went outside to play in the snow. The children had great fun making snow angels, rolling down the hill and having snowball fights. We warmed up with some delicious hot chocolate. 

Big Birdwatch.

The children took part in the RSPBs " Big  Garden Birdwatch " this week. We filled up our bird feeders with lots of different types of bird food, meal worms, peanuts, fat balls, sunflower seeds and watched from the window to see who came to visit. We recorded the birds on our spotter sheets. The children also painted and drew some brilliant pictures of the birds we saw. This week visiting our garden we had goldfinches, blue tits, great tits, chaffinches, robins, magpies, house sparrows, starlings and pigeons. We even had some red wings on the grass as the snow melted. We had to keep filling up the feeders as it was so cold this week and the birds were extra hungry, just as we were running out of food , Josie brought some more food for the birds to make sure they didn't go hungry over the weekend. 


Chinese New Year.

The children enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year. We discovered that 2019 is the year of the pig and the children found out which year they were all born in. We listened to the story of the" Great Race " and made our own books. The children worked together to make a picture and researched traditional Chinese drawings and pictures. The children loved the story of " The Magic Paintbrush" and created blossom pictures and thought about what they would paint if they had a magic paintbrush. We joined with the nursery to have a delicious Chinese banquet.

Marvellous Maths.

Thank-you to all the parents who attended our maths workshop. We hope we gave you all some good ideas of easy maths activities you can play with your children at home. The children love maths , anything to do with numbers, counting, pattern and shape. They create their own maths games using the equipment and resources we have both inside and outside the classroom. 

Football Tournament.

We are all super proud of Filipe, Grayson, Harrison, Anith, Matylda and Alexis who did an amazing job representing us at The Cliff for a football tournament hosted by Manchester United. The children impressed us with their sportsmanship and football skills and they came back to school exhausted after giving it their all. 

Happy Half Term. 

Term 2


πŸ•ΈπŸŽƒπŸ•·Trick or treatπŸ•·πŸŽƒπŸ•Έ

There have been some spooky goings on in Reception this week. Magic bubbling potions, a witches kitchen with eyeballs, witches fingers, spiders, bats, skeletons and rats. Spooky orange and black playdough and ghosts for counting with. We joined with the nursery children and had a spooktacular party with edible wands, skeleton biscuits and bats blood sandwiches. We did the " monster mash " and had a wonderfully scary afternoon.

Bonfire night.

The children enjoyed a sparkly, twinkly Bonfire night. We learnt about the gunpowder plot and Guy Fawkes. We made some transient art pictures of the sky on Bonfire night. The children enjoyed some hot chocolate with marshmallows and edible sparklers round the bonfire with the children from the nursery. 

Remembrance Day. 

The children have been finding out about the importance of the poppy and why we wear poppies during the month of November. We have been learning about how soldiers protect us and keep us safe, and , how we wear poppies as they were the flowers which grew on the battlefields after the First World War.The chaplains came and told us how we could buy some poppies and the money would help soldiers who have been injured and their families. We made poppy playdough, counted poppies and made poppy biscuits. We have been learning a song about Peace and saying special prayers for peace across the world. 

Police visit.

We had an exciting visit from the police in Reception as part of our "People who help us" topic. The police officers told the children all about their job and how they protect us and keep us safe. They dressed Mrs.Armes in the uniform they have to wear when they attend a riot and handcuffed her! The children got to try on their jackets, hats, helmets and vest. We went outside and got to sit in the riot van and the police car. They even let us turn on the lights and the siren. The children had a brilliant morning and we thank the police officers for giving up their time to come and see us. The children all went straight into the police station we made in the role play! 


The children have been learning about Baptism and being welcomed into the family of God. We talked about how we are all part of our own family at home, part of St.Josephs family and part of Gods family. We baptised baby Macie in the role play church in Nursery. The mummy, Molly and the daddy Anith, chose their godparents carefully, thinking about who would be kind and patient with the baby, who would teach their baby to be a good friend and grow up to be like Jesus. 

We went to church to see the font and the Easter candle, where the baptisms take place at St.Josephs.We talked about feeling welcome and how baptism welcomes people into the family of God. We made a welcome sign for the door of our classroom. 


The children have been learning all about Advent and how we are waiting for baby Jesus to be born on Christmas Day. We made Christingle oranges for the service in church. The children learnt how the orange represents the world, the red ribbon is the blood of Jesus, the four cocktail sticks are the four seasons and the sweets are the riches we get from the Earth which God created for us and that the candle reminds us that Jesus is the light if the world. 

We made an Advent wreath for our class altar. We talked about how the evergreen leaves represent Gids never ending love for us and how the red berries represent Jesus blood.The children learnt what each different candle represents. We lit the first purple candle, for hope, closed our eyes and thought about what we hope for. The children made smaller Advent wreaths to take home. We made green playdough to make some little wreaths. The children talked about how " Jesus is the light of the World" and that's why we have the candles on the wreath. 

Christmas Fayre.

The children had a wonderful time making Christmas biscuits and Snowman soup for the Christmas Fayre. Thank you to all the families who supported our school and were so generous at the Christmas Fayre. 

Dear Father Christmas .......

The children have been loving playing in our Christmas post office. They have written lots and lots of letters to Father Christmas and are enjoying posting them with a stamp on to him at the North Pole. Father Christmas has sent us a cheeky elf, Twinkle, who has been up to all sorts of mischief. Every morning we come into school and find him in different places, playing with the numbers, making snow angels in the hot chocolate even posting his own letter to Father Christmas and getting stuck in the post box! 

The Sleepy Shepherd.

The children performed our nativity, The Sleepy Shepherd, for their families this week and they were absolutely amazing. They said their lines loud and proud, sang beautifully and remembered when to stand up, sit down and move about the stage. What a difference from last year, when some of the children were so nervous to even be up on the stage, never mind perform and speak! I'm so, so proud of each and every child. 

Party time.

The children had a great time at our Christmas party. We dance to all our favourite songs, played pass the parcel and had lovely snacks and drinks. We even had a visit from the big man himself....... Father Christmas, the children sang him songs and were so polite and patient waiting for him to call him out for their present. 

 πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„Christmas dinner. πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

The children all looked very smart in their Christmas jumpers and they enjoyed their Christmas dinner. Before they had their dinner we read a funny story about Rudolph eating his sprouts...... I'm sure you can imagine the consequences of that!!!!! Funnily enough, it encouraged the children to all have a try of the sprouts, some of them had lots !! We made party hats and pulled Christmas crackers. 



Term 1


Welcome back

The children have made a fantastic start to their year in Reception. They have welcomed some new friends and are loving exploring the new learning environment. They have quickly got back into the classroom routines and are already working very hard. We are looking forward to an exciting year.


Star of the week

Now we are in Reception, the children will join the rest of the school at the " good news" assembly on a Friday where two children will receive an award , star of the week and worker of the week. Our first hard worker in Reception was Alexis. She is an amazing artist and a prolific painter! She painted some brilliant pictures of different Disney princesses, see if you can guess which ones.


In the woods

We are learning all about the woods, the animals you might find in the woods and all the different trees and plants which grow there. We have been on a leaf hunt around the " woods" in our school grounds. The children found all different types of leaves and brought them back to class to use in our maths and creative work.


Macmillan Tea Party

The children made some cakes so we could take part in the Macmillan coffee morning. Alexis wrote the ingredients and the children all helped to make the cakes. We enjoyed our cakes with a lovely cup of tea. We talked about how nurses work very hard to help people who are sick and how important they are.


Maths fun

The children are loving number activities at the moment. They have been making birthday cakes, with candles to match the numbers on the cards. They are enjoying playing the games in the outdoor area. It's lovely to see them sharing and taking turns.


Thank you so much to all the parents, grandparents and carers who came to our phonics and reading workshop. We hope you found it useful and informative and remember our door is always open for any questions you may have. The children have been reading and writing lots of CVC words all around the classroom and outdoors.

Italian Day.

We had the best time learning all about Italy. We made playdough pizza with real herbs, measured coffee beans in espresso and cappuccino cups, used pasta to thread onto, built the Leaning Tower of Pisa and recreated our own fruit pictures inspired by the work of Italian artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo. We made some real pizzas with different toppings on and enjoyed them in the afternoon with a lovely ice cream.


Vegetable Soup

The children enjoyed making vegetable soup with the left over vegetables from our Italian day. They read the recipe and chopped up the different vegetables. They put the vegetables into the pan and we cooked it. We enjoyed our soup on a lovely sunny Autumn afternoon, sat outside.

Autumn sunshine

The children have been really loving the Autumn sunshine this week. We have been doing lots of different activities outside. Looking for mini beasts and birds. Playing maths and phonics games. Picking out the seeds from different squashes and pumpkins and counting how many we find.

Oh help, oh no, it's the Gruffalo

The children loved our Gruffalo week. We made Gruffalo playdough, magic Gruffalo mud and wrote about the Gruffalo and the other characters in the story. We ended the week with a Gruffalo party where we ate knobbly knees, poisonous warts, terrible tusks, orange eyes, scrambled snake, roasted fox and mouse droppings. We drank purple prickle juice. The children enjoyed the week so much we have turned our reading area into the Gruffalo cave.