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Reception Class

Week 2


Make an Elmer the elephant using a milk jug and coloured tissue paper squares or even cut out squares from a magazine or newspaper!  A great craft for children to go along with a much-loved story book which can be used as a story prop or puppet too.

Stand the milk jug up and cut into it just below the handle. This will form the elephant’s trunk. Then cut off the entire bottom half of the jug and cut four legs into it, as well as a little tail. Stick the squares of paper on with glue and leave to dry.

When you have made your Elmer you could listen to a reading of the book.

Elmer - The Patchwork Elephant | Children's Book

Elmer is different and he's definitely not like any other elephants. Is being different a good thing or bad thing? Lets find out in Elmer by author David McKee

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