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Welcome to Reception.

In the Foundation stage at St. Josephs , the children are taught to share and care about others reflecting the Catholic values in our school mission statement. Our dedicated Early Years team provide a happy, caring, secure learning environment where your child will flourish.

Autumn Term 1.

The children have made an excellent start to their year in Reception. We have been sharing our favourite books. We enjoyed a visit to Ordsall library . We stayed for the morning and read lots and lots of different books. We borrowed some books and brought them back to class with us.

Autumn Term 2.

This half term the reception class are learning all about people who help us in our community. The children are excited about having lots of visitors to our class to tell us how they help people in our community including the police , the fire service, the dentist and  a vet. We have turned our role-play area into a vets for a few weeks and as you can see from the pictures the children are really enjoying looking after the animals .

The police visit Reception.

It was an exciting day in our class toady when we received a visit from police officers Mark , Alex and Al. They came to tell the children all about the very important job they do in our community. The children were able to try on their uniforms and they got to go inside the mobile police station. Thank you so much to Mark, Alex and Al for taking time out of their day to visit our class. Children , don't forget to say hello to Mark when you see him around the estate.

Christmas in Reception.

Christmas term in Reception was action packed and fun filled. The children (and the staff ) enjoyed dressing up as heroes for the day to help raise money for Children in Need. The children came to school dressed as their favourite superhero or real life hero. We played some games , sang songs , made superhero pictures and all enjoyed an ice cream.


Visit to Father Christmas.

We went on a secret trip at the beginning of December. The children knew they were going on a trip but they didn't find out where to until the morning they arrived in school. The trip was to visit Father Christmas and his reindeer! When the children found out we were going to see Father Christmas they all cheered.We all wrapped up warm , brought a packed lunch and got on a coach to take us to see Father Christmas. When we arrived one of Father Christmas' elves came to meet us at our coach . We met some of Father Christmas' reindeer and the elves told us all about them , what they like to eat , where they sleep and the magic that happens on Christmas Eve. We were able to give them some food. The elves took us inside to Father Christmas' house and we ate our dinner by the fire . An elf called Trixie made us laugh and sang songs .Then, something very exciting happened. Father Christmas came in and he had a special present for everyone! Before we went home we sang and danced and told jokes to a silly elf who laughed and laughed at the jokes the Reception children from St.Josephs told him !It was a wonderful day .Some of us were so tired that we fell asleep all the way back to school.

The Sleepy Shepherd.

The children worked very hard to produce the nativity play "The Sleepy Shepherd". We all had a special  part to play in the story and had to learn lots of lines , songs and actions. On the morning of the play , the children dressed up in their costumes and the hall filled with people who had come to watch. The children performed the play brilliantly and the audience agreed that it was the best nativity they had ever seen . The children really enjoyed learning all about the birth of Jesus and what a special baby he was.

Welcome back Reception.

Happy New Year to everyone. After all the excitement of Christmas the children are eager to get back to school and start learning all about Space. There is a good programme on CBBC called Star Gazing. It has lots of fascinating facts and information about the planets and space.


We have been finding out lots of fascinating facts about space.

We carried out an experiment to investigate how craters were created on the moon.

We have been looking in information books to find out about the different planets.


Big Bird Watch

We took part in the Big Schools Bird Watch.

The children made some bird cake and hung it out for the hungry birds to eat.

We then sat very quietly to record which birds visited our garden.

We saw Goldfinches, Blue tits, Robins, Black Birds, Pigeons, Chaffinches, and Starlings. 

We made a tally chart and send the information to the RSPB.

World Book Day

This year for Wold Book Day all the children came to school dressed as their favourite book characters.

St Patrick's Day

We had a wonderful day on the 17th March celebrating the Irish tradition of St Patricks Day. Everybody came to school wearing something green in honour of St Patrick. 

The children enjoyed listening to traditional Irish music, learning some Irish dancing and baking some Soda bread.


Thank you .

Thank you to Filips mummy for coming into our class and baking some traditional Polish cakes with the children and also for sharing with the children how Filip and his family prepare and celebrate Easter. All the children really enjoyed making and eating the cakes and decorating their eggs to take home.


Easter bunny.

The children had a surprise visit from the Easter bunny who had hidden some eggs in the garden . We had a very exciting time searching them out.

Summer Term .

For the first part of the summer term the Reception children will be learning about growing and changing. We will be looking at how we have grown and changed and also how animals and plants grow and change. We will be learning about the things humans , plants and animals need to help them to grow and keep them healthy. As the weather improves we will begin to plant seeds in our vegetable plot and we will be going on bug hunts and looking for signs of growth and change in our environment. 

Can you guess who these beautiful babies are ?


Pirate Sports Day 

Nursery and Reception Came together to have a fantastic Sports Day. 

All the children (and adults) had a brilliant time running races and cheering on their friends. 

For pictures see Nursery Page.