Sacramental Programme 2020 -2021

The Sacramental Programme is run and organised by Clergy and Staff at Salford Cathedral. All queries should be directed to Cathedral DeanFr Michael Jones and Parish Sister; Sr Brenda Mattison D.C. Follow the link below to the Cathedral website for contact details.

DateEventVenue/Time Content Family Time Dress
06/11/2021Parent's Information MeetingAssembly Room, 11amProgramme Information
20/11/2021Registration DayAssembly RoomBy Appointment
21/11/2021Registration DayAssembly RoomBy Appointment
27/11/2021Children's MeetingAssembly Room/Cloister 11am - 12.15pmOur call to follow Jesus
28/11/2021PresentationSt. Joseph's 9.15am MassPresentationSchool Uniform
28/11/2021PresentationSs. Peter & John 11am MassPresentationSchool Uniform
15/01/2022Parent's MeetingAssembly Room 11amSacrament of Reconciliation
22/01/2022Children's Meeting 1Assembly Room and Cloister, 11am - 12.15pmSession 1. Thankfulness. From the heart of God the gift of life. Page 10At Home, page 22
29/01/2022Children's Meeting 2Assembly Room and Cloister, 11am - 12.15pmSession 2. Honesty and Bravery. Deep within your heart God is calling you. Page 24At Home, page 36
05/02/2022Children's Meeting 3Assembly Room and Cloister, 11am - 12.15pmSession 3. Reflection. From the heart of God. The call of love. Page 38At Home, page 50
12/02/2021Children's Meeting 4Assembly Room and Cloister, 11am - 12.15pmSession 4. Friendship and Respect. Turning to God with all my heart. Page 52At Home, page 66
05/03/2022Children's Meeting 5Assembly Room and Cloister, 11am - 12.15pmSession 5. Love and Forgiveness. The loving heart of Jesus. Welcome Home. Page 68At Home, page 80
12/03/2022ReconciliationSt. Joseph's & Ss Peter & John 2pmReconciliationReconciliationSchool Uniform
22/03/2022Parent's MeetingAssembly Room 7.30pmFirst Holy Communion
26/03/2022Children's Meeting 1Assembly Room/Cloister 11am - 12.15pmSession 1. Faith. My Life's journey. A Journey in Faith. Page 86At Home 98
02/04/2022Children's Meeting 2Assembly Room/Cloister 11am - 12.15pmSession 2. Hope. Entering God's House. Rest and Refreshment for the Journey. Page 100At Home 112
07/05/2022Children's Meeting 3Assembly Room and Cloister 11am - 12.15pmSession 3. Love. Lifting our Hearts. Holy Mass Begins. Page 114At Home Page 126
14/05/2022Children's Meeting 4Assembly Room and Cloister 11am - 12.15pmSession 4. Stillness. In the stillness of our hearts God speaks his word. Page 128At Home page 140
21/05/2022Children's Meeting 5Assembly Room and Cloister 11am - 12.15pmSession 5. Generosity and Gratitude. From the Heart of God. JesusAt Home Page 154
18/06/2022Children's Meeting 5Assembly Room and Cloister 11am - 12.15pmSession 6. Courage. Communion with the Heart of Jesus. Food for the Journey. Page 156At Home Page 168
25/06/2022Children's Meeting 7Assembly Room and Cloister 11am - 12.15pmSession7. reflection. My Journey Continues. Celebration and ServicesAt Home Page 184
02/07/2022First Holy CommunionSs. Peter & John 2pm MassHoly Communion
03/07/2022First Holy CommunionSt. Joseph's 2pm MassHoly Communion

Holy Communion Dress Code


Girls: White dress, head dress optional veil and/or band of ribbon or flowers.

 Boys: Suit or trousers, white shirt and red tie.