Transition from Nursery to Reception, EYFS to KS1, one class to another, from KS1 to KS2 and finally from Y6 to Y7 in High school can be a tricky time for some children.

Here at St. Joseph’s, we work hard to ensure that these moves are as seamless as possible, so that the children are settled, happy and ready to learn. Some children receive additional bespoke support at these times, which has been discussed and agreed with parents.

Transition within school includes:

  • Meetings between teachers to discuss the children – their individual needs, strengths, likes, areas where they need support, friendship groups, any SEND. These meetings are also supported by our SENDCo.
  • Identifying children who will be given ‘transition packs’ to use throughout the summer.
  • Children spending time meeting their new teacher in their new classroom before the summer holiday.
  • All children being shown where their classroom is, how to get to it in a morning and where they will be collected at the end of the day. This information is shared with parents also.
  • Children in Year 1 having an initial focus on learning through play as they transition to teacher led learning.
  • Texts that feature transition being read with the children so that they can share any thoughts and feelings, and these can then be addressed.
  • Children making their own “Me’ page, to share what they would like to let their new teacher know about them.
  • Parents knowing which teachers will be teaching their children in advance so that they can talk to their children.
  • At the beginning of the year, information sent to parents regarding expectations and the curriculum. Parents are invited into class to informally meet the teacher and ask any questions.
  • Opportunities daily when class teachers take the children out at the end of the day, for parents to speak to the teacher if they wish to.
  • Children moving to high school engaging in transition projects with their new school throughout Year 6. This include regular visits from transition staff at their new school, projects in the summer term, visits to their new school. Staff meeting to ensure there is a thorough handover of information. All LA documentation is completed. Additional meetings and transition activities are organised for identified children and those with SEND.