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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1's class page!


Here at St. Joseph's we aim to 'have life and have it to the full', making lots of fun memories with your children. Year 1 have settled in very well and we are all working VERY hard every day! This page will be filled with class events and information as well as exciting activities we are doing in class and around school. 



Weekly Events


Homework grids for this half term are in the front of the blue homework books, 1 piece of homework should be

completed and returned to school each Wednesday.


PE is every Tuesday.


Spellings will be sent out each week to be learnt ready for our Thursday spelling test.


Please try to read your book at home every night and don't forget to have your reading record signed! :) 

Summer 1

Star of the week Date Work of the week Date
Marcel. For a great attitude to his work. 08/04/16 Filip. For wonderful handwriting 08/04/16
Lincoln. For concentrating very hard and trying his best. 15/04/16 Lincoln. For an excellent piece of writing about the Tin Forest 15/04/16
Julia. For wonderful work and a super attitude to all aspects of school 22/04/16 Tyger. For a beautiful piece of artwork, using different media. 22/04/16


This term we are looking at the story of The Tin Forest. We are recycling lots of different materials and creating masterpieces!

This week we joined with year 2 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's' 90th birthday. We had a picnic outside on the wonderfully sunny day, eating finger sandwiches and cake. We even had a special visit from the Queen herself! We all sang happy birthday and had a wonderful time!


Star of the week


Work of the week 

Daniel – for coming into the new year with a new confidence that is showing in all of his work

8th January


Marcel – for coming in to school with a big smile and asking if he can do more work!

22nd January

Julia – beautiful writing about a snowman, Julia described her snowman and used her phonics to help her

Leyton – for trying very hard in all of his work and working on his beautiful handwriting

29th January

Daniel – wonderful writing in class about dinosaurs!

Stella – for concentrating super hard and working independently, completing amazing work and being a wonderful class helper!

5th February

Reuben – working independently on his story map and using his story map to help him do some super writing!

Today while we were in assembly a dinosaur came into our class! They made a huge mess and left footprints everywhere! We prepared our investigation gear and with our hats, binoculars and magnifying glasses, set off around the class looking for clues!

This week we are celebrating our love of books and dressing up as our favourite characters for World Book Day! We had a great time looking at each others costumes and looking at lots of different books.

This term we are looking at dinosaurs! We have a dinosaur jungle in our class and we turn into palaeontologists when we go digging for dinosaur bones and fossils! We were given some real dinosaur eggs to look after, we watched them hatch and took care of them, when they hatched the fairies took them back to dinosaur land to be with their mummies!

The children talked about what they already know about dinosaurs and what we wanted to find out. We went on a dinosaur hunt around the school and found lots of dinosaurs, bones and fossils!

This week we joined up with year 2 to celebrate Chinese New Year. We made lanterns, bookmarks, monkeys , money envelopes and chinese writing. Then we went into the hall to watch some Chinese celebrations and tasted some yummy Chinese food!

This week we made pancakes! We designed our own pancakes and then created our own pancakes using lots of different toppings.

This week in maths we have been looking at 3D shapes. The children made lots of shapes using marshmallows and spaghetti!

This term we have been working on the laptops, learning how to use the mouse and keyboard, we have had lots of fun using the laptops!

This week in maths we have been looking at measurement and weight, we decided to make our own cakes! The children worked together as a team, listening to the instructions and measuring the ingredients using the scales, we made a big mess but it was lots of fun!

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 Curriculum Map

This half term we are learning about toys, we have a new toy shop role play with lots of new and old toys to look at!

Star of the week


Work of the week

Lincoln - For working very hard, settling into year 1

25th September

Lakaiya - Brilliant model of a 3D robot and a squirrel for homework

Jack - for saying kind words to his friends in class

9th October

Marcel - an excellent homework model of a 3D robot

Bray - For working extremely hard with his reading and being such a good friend

16th October

Keisha - writing an amazing fairytale story

Dontaye - For coming into year 1 with such a good attitude and continuing to do his best

23rd October

Kokob - for being the first in the class to finish his maths book and always wanting to do more work

Filip - for always working hard, always ready to learn and always trying his best


6th November

Fiona - a wonderful newspaper article about The Gunpowder Plot

Kokob - for working hard in all subjects, always having a smile and always tidying the class


20th November

Faith - for working hard with her handwriting, taking her time and trying hard to improve


Keisha - for working hard in all subjects and trying her best to improve


26th November

Lincoln - For working extremely hard with his handwriting, making sure it is small and on the line


Beni - for being a kind friend and always smiling


4th December

Dontaye - Wonderful work on the Advent Wreath in RE


Marcel - for trying very hard during hymn practice, music and the Christmas play!


11th December

Olga - an excellent independent letter to Santa


Eirene - for being a great helper in class and making everyone smile

18th December


This week all the children took part in our Christmas Show of Whoops-A-Daisy Angel.

We had a very busy week this week, on Monday morning we had a letter from Santa! He told us that 3 of his reindeers were lost and he needed our help to find them! We thought of lots of ideas and made some magical reindeer food, we sprinkled the food around the school hoping we could help santa. The next day we came to school to find lots of reindeer clues, the reindeers had been to school and were dancing in our classroom!

Today we worked together with the rest of the school to make a willow tree, we each weaved a piece of willow into the tree and made a wish, then we all made our own wishing star to take home.

For world religion day we are looking at Hinduism, we looked at the story of Rama and Sita, made our own Rangoli patterns and Diwali lamps and we made some bread and coconut ice, in the afternoon we tasted various foods including the ones we had made!

This week the children have been looking at witches and wizards, we thought of ingredients and made our own potion using our magic wands and hats, we said the magic words and kaboom! the potion started to bubble...

we made a gingerbread house!
we all worked hard to finish our display
and a lovely tree for the fairies
Year 1 have paired up with year 2 to create a beautiful prayer garden. we worked with a friend in year 2 and painted bunting full of things from God's wonderful world, we painted plant pots, planted bulbs to look after and created a bug hotel to keep God's creatures safe. 

In maths the children have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We made lolly stick shapes and shape pictures

The children have settled well into year 1 and had a great time testing out their new classroom! This first half term we are looking at fairytales, reading lots of different tales and ever writing out own!