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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1's class page!


Here at St. Joseph's we aim to 'have life and have it to the full', we will be making lots of fun memories this year. Year 1 are settling in very well and we are all enjoying exploring our new class! This page will be filled with class events and information as well as exciting activities we are doing in class and around school. 


Important Information

Each week I will be sending home the children's blue homework books. The children should choose one task from the homework grid each week and bring the book to school each Wednesday, this will be returned to the children on a Friday.


Please try to read with your child every night and sign the yellow reading record.


PE will be held on a Tuesday, children will need; red t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps. Please make sure your child's name is in their PE kit.


Phonics Screening Check 


The children have been learning phonics in both Nursery and Reception to help them read words. Phonics teaches children to be able to listen carefully and identify the sounds that make up each word. This helps children to learn to read words and to spell words. In year 1, all children in the country will take part in a phonics screening check in June. Over the course of the year, they will be learning a lot of sounds, but these sounds need to be learnt both in the context of real words and nonsense words.The children will be asked to use their phonic knowledge to read 20 real words and 20 nonsense words (alien words). The children will know when a word is a nonsense word as there will be a picture of an alien next to the word - we say this word is the aliens name and this is why it does not make sense to us. 


How to help your child at home

- Play lots of sound and listening games

-Read as much as possible

- Encourage children to have a 'good guess'

- Remind children to blend the sounds in the word by pointing to them

- In school the children use the Phonics Play website to help reading real and fake words and play games such as Picnic on Pluto or Buried Treasure


Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Youtube



Reading - http://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/


Other useful websites:

http://www.ictgames.com/resources.html - Good for both maths and english


Examples of the real and nonsense words the children will be asked to read.

Work of the week  Date Star of the week
Nikodem - excellent use of skills when using money this week  16/06/17

Allyssia - for being determined to improve her phonics

Honey -- a lovely and detailed sun safety poster 23/06/17 Share - showing maturity and being a fantastic mathematician 
Miley - being a super scientist and labelling parts of a plant  30/06/17 Isabel - speaking clearly and confidently in assembly 


We have been looking at the artist Paul Klee. We looked at a famous piece called Castle and Sun and created some beautiful pieces or art using oil pastels.

Today some of the children anted to help assemble a table. They looked at the instructions and chose the correct screws and tools to help them and they took it in turns to screw in the different pieces. They were very proud of their achievement when they were finished!

For the summer term we've decided to change our role play areas. We are looking at the book The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch and changed our indoor area to the seaside and enjoy putting on the sunglasses and building sand castles. Outside we have made an ice cream parlour and have been coooling off this week in the pool!

The story we have been looking st this week is The Disgusting Sandwich. First we made jam sandwiches and described them, we then moved on to making our sandwiches disgusting. Some children put milk on their bread, some children decided to put mud on their sandwich, others added grass and flowers and even rubbish! We definitely wouldn't like to eat these sandwiches now!

This week we have started looking at money. The children each had a lanyard with 10p. They children created an list of different prices to buy things in class, drinks, rubbers toast etc. The children would sometimes need to pay with a bigger coin and work out how much change they would need to be given.

Star of the week  Date  Work of the week
Skylar - showing maturity and a good attitude to learning  28/04/17 David F - for a wonderful description of his big baby
Charlie - always being a joy to have in class and a great photographer on our trip 05/05/17 Miley - for a detailed recount of our trip to Pennington Flash
Bradley - for always listening, working hard and putting 100% effort into his work 12/05/17 Shae - for working so hard in maths and solving missing number questions


We have to let our Bog Baby go so he can live outside and to say goodbye we had a Bug Ball. The children made bug masks to wear, decorated ladybird biscuits, and played party games. Everyone had lots of fun!

We had a lovely trip to Pennington Flash. The children were on the hunt for a Bog Baby and took magnifying glasses, binoculars, a fishing net and a box incase we found a Bog Baby. We stopped and had our lunch on the grass before carrying on our hunt. The last place we looked had lots of lovely bluebell and we were lucky enough to find a Bog Baby! We carefully put him in the box and had a play on the park before coming back to school.

Star of the week  work of the week 
03/03/17 - Miley - for always being a joy to have in the class  03/03/17 - Ria - showing great enthusiasm and ideas during science
10/03/17 Oliver -  for bing full of energy and the excitement  10/03/17 - Shae - excellent maths work counting in 2, 5 and 10
17/03/17 - David F - for being determined to improve  17/03/17 - Skylar - for working hard working out halving and quartering shapes and numbers
24/03/17 - Nikodem - for being determined to achieve his Accelerated reader target and always making everyone laugh 24/03/17 - Grace - For a lovely letter using her phonics 
31/03/17 - Tommy - for trying hard wth his reading  31/03/17 - Honey - for being a super scientist! 

07/04/17 - Martin - for listening carefully and working hard on outdoor projects 

07/04/17 - Bella - for a beautiful piece of artwork inspired by Paul Klee


The children reached their target of 120 class dojo points for the term and as a treat, enjoyed watching a film and eating popcorn! Well done year 1 you have worked hard this term!

Last week we found a newspaper report from Hogwarts which said that somebody had stolen one of their dragon eggs. The children decided that we needed to go on a hunt for the egg so we went outside and looked for clues, we found tracks, a burnt ball, a glove and then we found an egg! We took it back to class very carefully and made it a nest. The newspaper report said that baby dragons like quiet, cuddles and stories so we read the egg stories and waited for it to hatch. After music on the Friday when we came back to class the egg had hatched and a baby dragon was in the nest, we named him Digby and are all taking care of him and watching him grow :)

As spring is fast approaching we decided to look after our outdoor area, we recycled old wellies and planted flowers in them and recycled old bottles and created bird feeders to put on our trees. The children also palanted potatoes, onions and carrots. We are definitely ready for our next topic - growing!

The children have been talking about Harry Potter since world book day and we decided to change our castle role play into the Hogwarts castle. The children worked hard making magic floating candles, flying keys and golden snitches, they all have their own acceptance letter to Hogwarts and their own uniform, they are excited to get in and creating some potions!

As part of our History topic we have been looking at Victorian houses, the children used the building blocks to make their own Victorian houses. They then used post it notes to label the different materials they would use to build their houses.

This week we have started learning about fractions. The children received a letter from Goldilocks asking for their help sharing out a picnic for her and Red Riding Hood.

All of the school took part in a litter pick in the school. Year 1 teamed up with year 5, wearing gloves, jackets and using litter pickers. We tidied up so much rubbish from our school field!

To celebrate world book day the children dressed up as their favourite book character. We had a whole Hogwarts family in our class! We had a lovely day reading books and looking at everyone's wonderful costumes.

We have been looking at the gingerbread man, we decided to carry out an experiment to see what would happen to the gingerbread man if he fell in the river. We all had a gingerbread man and put him in the water for one minute, when we tried to take him out he fell apart into mush.

Star of the Week Date  Work of the Week
Byron - showing kindness and sharing with his friends  13/01/17 Ria - for taking care with her handwriting and really concentrating 
Charlie - having a great attitude and producing quality work 20/01/17 Nikodem - an excellent piece of writing using different sentence openers
Bella - always being kind, always smiling and using her imagination 27/01/17 Honey - a great shoe design for Cinderella, she really took her time and used her imagination

Bradley - always getting on with work, 

listening and being a good friend 

03/02/17 Jaxson - for a wonderful piece of writing
Isabel - helping her friends when they are sad and always being kind  10/02/17  Martim - working independently and producing quality work 
Sonny - showing good concentration and using his phonics in his writing  17/02/17 Lottie - showing great enthusiasm during World Religion Day 


As it is Chinese New Year this week we joined with year 2 to celebrate. 23 made Chinese lanterns, fans, roosters, bookmarks and spring rolls. We enjoyed using chopsticks to eat our noodles and prawn crackers!

As part of our fairytales topic we have been busy transforming our role play area into a castle. The children are enjoying being kings, queens, princesses, guards' knights and many more characters.

This week we had a porridge thief come into our class and make a mess! We taped off the area and searched for clues. We decided that the porridge thief was Goldilocks so we made wanted posters to try and capture her.

Spring One - This term we will be looking at Fairyales. We will be looking at familiar stories such as: Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Robin Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk.


Star of the Week 



Work of the Week 
Miley - for being a wonderful helper and a kind member of the class Bella - for an excellent piece of writing and working independently 
Jaxson - for being such a great reader and bringing his book in every day Ellie - for creating a lovely firework picture
Isabel - for being such a kind friend

Honey - for a beautiful prayer


David F - for wonderful singing during hymn practise and the Christmas show Ria - for carefully creating her own arctic glossary page I'm alphabetical order
Martim - for being a great helper and enjoying decorating our classroom  Oliver - for an excellent information book about polar bears 
Skylar - for looking after her friends  Darcie - for using her phonics, finger spaces, capital letters and full stops in her writing


This half term we are looking at arctic animals and habitats.

When we came to class today we had a letter from our elf Glitter telling us that three of Santas' reindeer had gone missing! We worked together with our friends and worked on ideas how we could have the reindeer returned to the North Pole. We made reindeer food, snow and placed carrots around the school hoping we would catch them!

On the first of December we had a visit from a little elf we called Glitter. Every day he brought us treats, left us messages or got up to mischief. We loved having Glitter visit our class and we showed him how to be good!

We have been looking at polar bears and what it is like in the North and South Pole. We have been collecting, washing and gluing milk bottles and have worked very hard to make our own milk bottle igloo to enjoy reading stories in. We have also been experimenting which material would be best at keeping us warm and enjoyed getting messy!

We have all enjoyed making Christingles for our church service. We talked about that the orange, candles, sticks, sweets and ribbon represented and were happy to eat the sweets as we were making them!

Today we discussed Bonfire night and what we usually do and see on Bonfire night. We then recreated our own Bonfire night, watching fireworks on the big screen, making chocolate sparklers, wearing warm clothes, painting wonderful firework pictures and drinking hot chocolate!

We are enjoying Autumn this week and after looking at, drawing, playing and carving the different pumpkins, we made an Autumn fairy garden with all of the signs of Autumn we could find outside.

To finish our work on the story The Scarecrows Wedding we made scarecrow biscuits and they were yummy!

Star of the Week Work of the Week
Daisy - for learning her sounds

Shae - for super writing about

the holidays

Tommy - for showing a good attitude to learning

Grace - for lovely artwork in the style

of the artist Mondrian

Darcie - for trying very hard during singing and hymn practise David F - for a super start in his first maths book
Bradley - for being helpful, kind and for earning his first points on Accelerated Reader. Sonny - for a wonderful letter to Supertato!
Martim - for a great effort in all subjects this week  Daisy - for super writing of her name
Ellie - for super tidying up! Nikodem - for an excellent wanted poster to capture the evil Wizard Lizard
David A - for having a great attitude to learning and always smiling Lottie- for a wonderful diary entry as Betty the scarecrow


This half term we are looking at the topic Superheroes!

Homework grid for Autumn term 1

This week we have been lucking at the story Superworm by Julia Donaldson. We needed to save our friend Superworm from the Evil Wizard Lizard. We made wanted posters and stuck them up all around school. The next day we received a letter from Superworm telling us our posters had worked! As a reward, Superworm gave us clues and set us on a treasure treat hunt around school. Our prize was a recipe and ingredients for these yummy worm treats!

We decided to create traps to capture the evil peas and put them back in the freezer. We all drew a plan of our traps and then worked with our friends to make them. After dinner we came back to class to find that our traps had worked! The evil peas had been captured at last! We very carefully collected them all and locked them back in the freezer where we can keep an eye on them.

This week we have been looking at the story Supertato. When we came into class we were greeted with a huge mess! The evil peas had come and wreaked havoc everywhere, when we inspected we found our vegetables had been messed with! We rescued the vegetables and looked for more clues around the class. We then wrote a letter to our friend Supertato to explain what happened and we are eagerly waiting for a reply!

We have enjoyed exploring our new classroom and are settling in well. We have lots of different areas to explore and learn. September 13th was Roald Dahl's 100th birthday and to celebrate we joined up with year 2 for an afternoon and took part in lots of different activities. We make chocolate birthday cakes, the BFGs snozzcumber sandwiches, BFG dream jars, Georges Marvellous Medicine potions and roly poly bird crafts, as well as singing happy birthday!