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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1.


We have had a great start to the year in our class. Everyone enjoyed our trip to Legoland and the whole class was wonderful in the KS1 Nativity play. All the children looked lovely in their costumes and sang beautifully.

We are learning all about Africa this term. We read 'Handa's Surprise' and had a fruit-tasting day where we tried all the eight different fruits in the book. In Art we have made beautiful African scenes showing giraffes silhouetted against an African sunset. We have also been learning African songs with Mr Lee in our music lessons on Friday.

'Handa's Surprise' fruit-tasting day.

African sunset pictures.

Look at some of the wonderful homework the children have been doing this term.

In class, we have been reading the story Oliver's Vegetables about a boy who tries lots of different vegetables when he goes to stay with his grandad. We have been trying all the vegetables, too. We have tried carrots, spinach, rhubarb, cabbage, beetroot, peas and potatoes.

Recently, we had a visit from the TenTen theatre company who put on a play for us called Freedom Fighters. Everyone really enjoyed it because it was very funny but we also learned that rules can be good for us.

Our homework grid for Spring 2.


Homework Grid Summer 1

Spellings - Group A

8th June 15th June 22nd June 29th June 6th July 13th July
same kite pole rain cue tune
tame white sole train blue cube
fame line bone stain glue cute
came shine cone strain Tuesday tube
crane dive lie hope night right
five blame pie cope sigh fright
bite shame tie slope sight bright
time name how more out her
live take now home about after
have these down over house sister


Spellings Group B

27th April 4th May 11th May 18th May
snip miss band lent
snap mess hand bent
scab pass land sent
bell sing ink felt
fell wing sink belt
dwell duck think milk
smell smack blink silk
pull back an just
will off as last
man boy has must


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