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Year 4

Welcome to year 4’s class page!


Here at St. Joseph’s we aim to ‘have life and have it to the full’ in all areas of life at school.

We have a very busy year ahead of us. Year Four is going to be filled with hard work and lots of high expectations, however this will also be a very exciting year for us at St. Joseph's with lot’s to look forward to and enjoy.


We will be filling this page with our class news, pictures of all our learning fun, things to come later in the year and so much more. Do you have any wonderful ideas for this page? Why not let me know and we’ll keep adding our ideas.


Miss Foster




Important Information


  • Spellings must be practised and learned ready for testing on Wednesdays.
  • Choose one task from the homework grid each week and bring the book to school each Wednesday, this will be returned to the children on a Friday.
  • Reading every night is essential...and don't forget to get your reading record signed!                                                      * Then take an Accelerated Reader Test and see for yourself how much you have learned from                                the book!
  • Swimming will take place on Monday afternoons. Don't forget your swim kit; a towel, a swimming cap, trunks for boys and a swimming costume for girls (not a two piece).
  • P.E. lessons are on Wednesday afternoons. You will need; a red polo shirt, black short (no branding) and black pumps.



Take an Accelerated Reader quiz at home or show your parents all the books you have read on your own bookshelf.


Autumn 1


We’ve had a BRILLIANT start to the year.

We’ve already been working hard on many exciting topics and developing our skills and knowledge through interesting activities. Take a look through our photographs to see our learning journey so far.


English –

· We have been reading a variety of Fairy Tales. Our favourite texts have been the ‘Twisted Tales’ such as Shrek and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. We have really enjoyed learning about the features of classic stories and then twisting them to make modern versions told from a different perspective.


Maths –

· We’ve been working EXTREMLY HARD in our math’s lessons, for there have been loads of new things to learn and plenty of work to recap! This term we are studying numbers and the number system. We have been using increasingly large numbers, practising our partitioning skills, ordering numbers, working with negatives and we’ve even been cracking codes using Roman Numerals!


Religious Education –

· This term we have been looking at ‘FAMILY’. We have studied our own family trees as well as Jesus’ human family. We have also been learning about significant figures from the Bible, including Saint Francis of Assisi, Ruth and Abraham. We have really enjoyed this topic and have a new appreciation for the people around us and their importance in our lives.


The Wider Curriculum –

· History - Our topic this term has been the THE ROMANS. We have learned EVERYTHING about them: Who they were, where they came from, how they lived and even their religious beliefs!

Unscramble the Fairy Tales

Times Table Bingo

Science - Classification charts

Homework - The Romans and Fairy Tales

Autumn Half Term


After having a VERY good half term it is time for a much needed break! Thank you for all of your hard work over the last few weeks, you have started the year REALLY WELL! Have a lovely week off, and I will see you all back refreshed and ready to learn just in time for a spoooooky Halloween on Tuesday 30th October.

Autumn 2


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks back at school after the half term break and it isn’t going to calm down! This is going to be an EXTREMLEY busy time at St. Josephs, but it will also be one packed with fun as the countdown to CHRISTMAS begins!


Literacy –

· We have been reading ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ in literacy. This is an exciting story by C.S.LEWIS about four children finding a magical world in the back of a wardrobe! We’ve had great fun whilst studying this book, we’ve been creating non-chronological reports about lions, using descriptive language and even imagined ourselves going through a door into our own magical world.


Numeracy –

· We’ve been working well in our math’s lessons, for there have been lots of new things to learn and even things we already know to practice! This half term we have been focusing on using our number skills.


Religious Education –

· This term we entered Advent, a VERY important time for the church! We studied the symbolism of the Advent Wreath, wrote Advent prayers/hopes and even created our own Christingles for our school Christingle service!  Towards the end of this topic we studied the beginning of Matthew’s Gospel, researching how Jesus belonged to the family of King David. We recorded our findings on a Jesse Tree, using symbols to represent the descendants. We really enjoyed doing this for it was incredibly interesting and proved to be a fun way of recapping many stories from the Bible that we have learnt about in previous R.E lessons! We also performed the last assembly of the year, teaching all that we had learned about the gift of Jesus to the rest of the school!


The Wider Curriculum –

· Our topic this term has been WATER. We have learned a lot about this important factor of life on Earth. We have studied both the natural water cycle and human water cycle, we know how and why we should save water, and can explain the three states of matter.


· In Art/DT we’ve been preparing for Christmas. We really enjoyed decorating plates for Father Christmas and Rudolf, creating Elfie Selfie decorations and making Christmas cards.

Children in Need


Today the Children at St. Josephs celebrated and helped raise money for CHILDREN IN NEED! In year 4 we had Pudsey themed activities all day! We dressed in our ‘own clothes’, and were visited by Austin in his ice cream van! We would like to thank Austin for his generosity; EVERY PENNY has gone to Children in Need!

Here are some pictures of our FUNdraising day:

Santa Claus is Coming to Town


The countdown to Christmas has been VERY EXCITING! The whole school has been a BUZZ of Christmas activities. We’ve had Christmas jumper day AND a pantomime AND a disco AND even a HUGE Christmas dinner!


Take a look at our Festive Fun in the pictures below.


We’ve all had such a fun time this term and every single one of us (INCLUDING THE GROWN UPS AROUND SCHOOL) are exhausted and ready for a well-earned break. Enjoy your time off over Christmas with loved ones. I hope you get some lovely presents off Father Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year!

See you all back in school on the 7th January 2019!

Spring Half Term – Part 1


After having a great time off over Christmas and New Year, year 4 returned to school ready to learn and full of excitement for what lay ahead in the new year.

Our topic this term has been the Ancient Egyptians. We have learned EVERYTHING about them: Who they were, how they lived, who they worshipped and even how they created mummies!!! – This was really gory… WE LOVED IT! Unfortunately, Miss Foster has been incredibly poorly and absent from school this half term. But she has been checking in on us and can’t wait to be back in the classroom!  

Scotland Day


Today we studied all things Scottish. We took part in our very own highland games, read myths about Kelpies and the Loch Ness Monster, made shortbread biscuits and designed our own paper tartan kilts.

Spring Half Term – Part 2


It’s the countdown to Mother’s Day and Easter so things are even busier than usual in year 4. As well as enjoying and preparing to celebrate this special time, we are also working hard and learning a lot of new skills.  


Take a look at this part of the page, it’s full with yet MORE of Year 4’s learning journey!


Literacy –

  • This term we have been studying volcanoes. We have written explanation texts about volcanoes and read ‘The Firework Makers Daughter’ by Philip Pullman, a story set around a volcano. A little girl Lila wants nothing more than to be a firework maker like her father but first she must travel up Mount Merapi and face the Fire Fiend.


Numeracy –

  • Fractions have been our focus this half term. Adding, subtracting, placing them on a number line and writing equivalent fractions are just some of the things that we’ve learned.


Religious Education –

  • This term has been a very important one in regards to our R.E topic. We have been learning about the lead up to Easter. We studied the importance of Lent and made Lenten promises, reflected upon Jesus’ time in the desert, looked at the stations of the cross, imagined that we were journalists writing about what we had seen on Palm Sunday and finally focused upon Jesus’ crucifixion before celebrating his resurrection.  


  • We ended the half term by performing a wonderful assembly, all about our lentern journey’s, to the whole school.


The Wider Curriculum – 

  • We have learned all about volcanoes this half term. We studied the Ring of Fire, the inner workings of a volcano, the layers of the earth and it’s tectonic plates and volcanoes around the world; Pompeii being our focus. 


  • In Art/DT we’ve been making Mother’s day cards and goodies as well as Easter treats. We really enjoyed using a variety of materials of creating presents for our loved ones.

World Book Day


We celebrated and raised money for 'World Book Day' in style by dressing up as a fictional character from one of our favourite story books.  We all got into the spirit of the occasion… YES EVEN THE TEACHERS… and got to take part in some brilliant book/literacy/reading themed activities!

Take a look at some of the pictures below: