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Year 5


Welcome to the Y5 class page


In Year five we have an exciting and challenging year ahead of us with many experiences to look forward to. It will be hard work and expectations in upper KS2 are high but we will work together to make it interesting and lots of fun.



As the year goes by we will continue to fill this page with class news and photographs of us involved in a wealth of activities as we fulfil our mission:


'To have life - and have it to the full'

                                                                                           John 10:10



If you have any ideas for our webpage or have any queries please feel free

to contact us.

Mrs Hayes                          Miss Kenny




Portland Basin Museum

A trip related to the History topic: Life in Victorian Manchester


On our Y5 trip to the museum the children took part in:

a ‘Victorian Schoolroom Workshop’ visited a Victorian street which included a

‘two up two down’ house with a back yard, explored a variety of shops, a doctors surgery, a pub and a church. The experience brought the Victorian era to life allowing the children to consider the past and how their lives differ from those of Victorian children.





St Joseph's celebrate the Royal Wedding in style


Enjoying the party
Does anyone recognise this lady?

Congratulations to the happy couple

Y5 trip to the BBC Philharmonic: Ten Pieces Concert

Year 5 at The Studios, MediaCity eagerly waiting
The amazing Philharmonic Orchestra
Faren Ward volunteers to conduct the Orchestra
The audience applaud the Orchestra and the conductors - Well done, Faren!

St George's Day


On 23rd April we celebrate the patron saint of England, St George.

St George was a brave Roman soldier who protested against the Romans' persecution of Christians and died for his beliefs.



St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag.


The most famous legend of Saint George is of him slaying a dragon. This represents good overcoming evil.


Year 5 write and share the story of St George and the Dragon.

Brooke shared her fabulous story with Y2
The  Y2 class listened intently
Summer shared her exciting story with Y1
Faren shared her story of St George and the Dragon
Nursery listened to every word
Nina read her story to Reception

We would like to send a huge THANK YOU to all the EYFS /KS1 teachers and children who welcomed us into their classrooms.

All classes were wonderfully well behaved and listened to our stories with enthusiasm.

Look at our visitor! Who recognises this wonderful writer and reader who shared his story with Year 5?


Year 5 have made a great start to the new school term.

In RE we have discussed  Eastertide

remembering that although the Easter school holidays have ended -

 Easter has not.

The Easter season comes to a close at Pentecost.


To enhance our knowledge of interviewing and journalistic writing

we have had a special 'Newspaper Afternoon'  hosted by, a welcome visitor in our school, Mr J King.


Year Five (and the teachers) would like to pass on their appreciation for this wonderful opportunity to develop and improve writing skills.



Writing a Newspaper Article

Holy Week    


Y5 are thinking about the events of  Holy Week and offering prayers each day to thank Jesus for His unconditional love for us and to ask the Lord to help us join together as a community to love and care for each other, to repent and forgive, to be true disciples.


Jesus told us to follow two Commandments:

"You shall love the Lord your God with all our heart and with all your soul and with all our mind and with all your strength.

 You shall love your neighbour as yourself."

Mark 12:29-31



We have used our creative skills to depict the events of Holy Week

The Egg Roll competition

Egg rolling during Holy week is certainly a tradition at St Joseph's and this year is no exception. On Monday 26th March each class enjoyed competing to roll our hard boiled eggs the furthest. The event went ahead with good humour, much cheering and lots of encouragement from everyone.

The rolling of eggs represents the rolling away of the stone from the tomb in which Jesus' body was placed after the crucifixion. It symbolises new life in Jesus through the Resurrection.



Year 5 Egg Roll

St Joseph's Day Tennis Tournament

Lenten Cake Sale in aid of CARITAS

Excellent Springtime /Easter Homework

We've reached our Accelerated Reader target!

Year 5 love to compete on 'Times Tables Rockstar'

The Foaming Monster Activity

The activity involved art, design and science.

We started by exploring reversible and irreversible changes before working in pairs to create a monster using cardboard. The children then used their knowledge of chemical reactions to make their monsters erupt with a burst of foam. They mixed vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid and food colouring (to make it more exciting).

We would like to thank Mr King for this interesting and educational session. The whole class (and teachers) thoroughly enjoyed the morning and learnt so much.


Year 5 Visit All Hallows High School

We were welcomed by staff and pupils from All Hallows and spent a fun filled morning working along side St Boniface Primary school children to complete an array of exciting and challenging activities .

World Book Day 1st March 2018

Thank you to all parents and children for making

World Book Day

such a success


Preparing for World Book Day

Year six came into our class to share ideas about a 

World Book Day competition.

St Joseph's has always been a school with a special love of books and reading. We know that books can make us FLY in all areas of our education. Our imaginations soar as we read. Books can take us anywhere!


The competition involves creating a display in school that portrays how important reading is to the whole school.

We listened to Year six and then shared our ideas

A huge THANK YOU to Miss Kenny and Miss Ormrod for all their hard work with the World Book Day display



The first Debate Mate Competition for

the teams in Year 5 and 6

Preparing for the debate


All three teams were confident, articulate and a credit to St Josephs. It was wonderful to see both year groups working together so successfully.


We are very proud of you all.



Year 5 have started 2018 with enthusiasm and are working hard in all subjects.

Creative Writing

Using SCRATCH to develop Computer Programming skills

Challenging ourselves in Maths lessons

Researching Ancient Greece



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year




Having fun at the KS2 Christmas Party



Shakespeare Schools Festival


'Oh, wonder! O brave new world, that has such people in't.'


In year 5 the whole class has been working with passion, enthusiasm and genuine hard work in order to be part of the world's largest youth drama festival.


We chose to study and perform: The Tempest


Every member of the class has embraced the challenge.  Drama techniques, games and activities have given the children the confidence to perform and brought them closer together as classmates and friends. Art lessons have been enhanced as we have created costumes, illustrated scenes and made promotional posters related to the play.

Closely studying Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' has provided a deep understanding of characters and their interactions within the play. The  plot, although complex and challenging has provided an exciting world for us to  explore. Emotions including power, revenge, love and forgiveness are all woven into Shakespeare's writing and we have joyfully unravelled them all in our English lessons and discussed their impact on lives in RE and SMSC. 

We have come together as a team, with each member of equal importance, in order to become the characters and bring the play to life on stage.


On Friday evening the culmination of all this hard work was celebrated at the Contact theatre in front of a huge audience.


Well done Year 5, the performance was marvellous.

You were outstanding!


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents for their unwavering help and support.  It is very much appreciated.




Backstage, waiting to perform at the Contact Theatre - exciting!



As we begin the second half of the Autumn term we look forward to the busy weeks  ahead.


Year 5 and 6 have already taken part in a huge launch for

'Debate Mate' at Manchester University.

The debating club begins in school on Wednesday 15th November.

This is an exciting, challenging opportunity to learn a skill that will benefit pupils now and in the future.

Debate Mate Launch at Manchester University

A lesson in mathematical shapes, creativity and design


On the 31st October Year 5 had a fabulous day creating lanterns for 'Lighting the Legend' (a night of fun and fireworks including a procession through  Ordsall  and the grand finale on Ordsall Park - 10th November)

The team from 'Ordsall Arts' taught the children how to design and build creative, strong, three dimensional shapes that will be lit on the night.


A huge thank you to Gail and her team for sharing their skills and providing a day of learning and fun!





A visit from the Fire Service

The fire brigade came to talk to the staff and children about Bonfire night.

They advised us on how best to stay safe whilst enjoying the events and firework displays at this time of year.


The children were also given the opportunity to see a real fire engine and discuss with fire fighters the equipment used to put out fires and rescue people. It was an excellent insight into this vital service.

Fire Safety Visit


Discovering Shakespeare


English lessons during Autumn term are extremely exciting because we are learning about the life and works of William Shakespeare; widely regarded as one of the greatest poets and playwrights of all time. We are  focusing on his wonderful  play: The Tempest, which was written between 1610 and 1611 and was Shakespeare's final play.

The opportunity to perform at the Contact Theatre in Manchester allows us to fully engage with the characters and be enveloped in the world of magic, revenge and love created by this extraordinary writer.




Working on costumes


Rewards Assembly


At St Joseph's we want to celebrate commitment and hard work

so every Friday morning we gather

to offer all we do to God.

Each teacher choses a child who has impressed them with their hard work in class and also a 'child of the week' who has stood out from the crowd.

Here are the children chosen in Year 5 so far...




Autumn Term               

                  Child of the Week             Work of the Week   no  

8-9-17        Kayden Kerr 

22-9-17     Jack Ainsworth              Elise Davies             Maths

29-9-17      Nuala O'Dowd               Tahlea Lysaght         SPaG

6-10-17      Faren Ward                    Joel Kinnon              Science

13-10-17     Ole O'Grady                  Michael Ogunremi    Homework

20-10-17    Poppy McFeely                Brooke Woodward    Maths

3-11-17      Summer Scott                Troy Britton             Maths

24-11-17    Elise  Davies                   Tahlea Lysaght          Poetry

1-12-17      Nuala O'Dowd                 Brooke Woodward    English


Spring Term

                 Child of the Week             Work of the Week   no

 8-12-17     Michael Ogunremi           Joel Kinnon                  Homework

15-12-17     Kai Soar                         Tahlea Lysaght            Writing

12-1-18       Elishua Offori-Atta        Michael Ogunremi        Science 

19-1-18       Wendy  Ogbeide             Stephania Bellardita    SPaG 

26-1-18       Ryan Bimbi-Fikula           Faren Ward                Writing

2-2-18        Elishama Offori-Atta      Elise Davies                Homework

9-2-18        Debate Mate Team          Michael Ogunremi        RE  

16-2-18       Mollie Molloy                    Brooke Woodward       Maths

23-2-18       Kayden Kerr                     Elise Davies                Maths

9-3-18         Joel Kinnon                       Elishua Ofori-Atti      Spelling

16-3-18        Jack Ainsworth                 Poppy McFeely           English

23-3-18       Ole O'Grady                      Kai Soar                 Times tables



At St Joseph's we realise the importance and value of Homework.

The grids provided each half term have an array of activities linked to different subjects. We expect at least one piece of good quality work to be produced every week.

Homework books will be handed out on Fridays and should be returned to school for marking by Wednesday morning.


Spellings will be sent home every Friday to be written out

and learnt for a test on Monday.

All  Children will benefit from reading EVERY evening and their Reading Records will be checked each day.

It is important that the children continue to learn their times tables as they will assist them to achieve success in Maths this year.


PE Lessons

PE lessons for Year 5 take place on Monday  afternoon.

The children will need:

a red polo shirt, black shorts (without branding) and black pumps.

Autumn 1 Year 5 have been learning hockey and team skills this half term

In Maths lessons we are working on Place Value and Number including addition and subtraction

In History Lessons we are exploring British History including the Anglo - Saxons

More amazing Anglo Saxon shields

THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR - It's September 2017 and we're in Year 5!

Summer 1 Y5 Homework Grid

 Spring 2 Y5 Homework Grid

Spring 1 Y5 Homework Grid

Take an Accelerated Reader quiz at home or show your parents all the books you have read on your own bookshelf.


You can access your Spellodrome accounts at home. Challenge your friends whilst learning your spellings.