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Year 5

Welcome to year 5’s class page!


Here at St. Joseph’s we aim to ‘have life and have it to the full’ in all areas of life at school.


We have a very busy year ahead of us. Year Five is filled with hard work and lots of high expectations, however this will also be a very exciting year for us at St. Joseph's with lot’s to look forward to and enjoy.


We will be filling this page with our class news, pictures of all our learning fun, things to come later in the year and so much more. Do you have any wonderful ideas for this page? Why not let me know and we’ll keep adding our ideas.


Miss Foster



Homework is VERY important to us at St Josephs!


  • Spellings must be practised and learned ready for testing on Wednesdays

  • Homework is also due in on Wednesdays

  • Keep up to date with your 'Conquer Maths' tasks online.

  • Reading every night is essential… and don’t forget to get your reading record signed!

  • Then why not take an Accelerated Reader Test and see for yoursef how much you've learned from the book!


Accelerated Reader Link - https://ukhosted3.renlearn.co.uk/2146847/





Autumn 1


We’ve had a very busy but VERY fun start to the year.

We’ve already been working hard on many exciting topics and developing our skills and knowledge through interesting activities. We’ve been writing, dancing, baking, acting, reading and counting. But that isn’t all; take a look through our photographs to see our learning journey so far.


Literacy –

  • This term we have been looking at how to write instructions. We began by looking at all of the different features that make a GOOD set of instructions. We learned that instructions include a ‘You will Need’ list, Imperative verbs, bullet points and time connectives. To name but a few!

    In order to create a precise set of instructions we decided that we first needed to put some to the test. To do this we followed a simple recipe in order to make a batch of Halloween Cupcakes, this was great fun and tasty too! We learned a lot and used this experience in order to then write our own set of instructions… WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM MISS! (She was VERY impressed with what we came up with)

  • We have also been studying a play written by William Shakespeare called ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. This is a romantic comedy about 4 lovers, a group of amateur actors (workmen) and a forest full of naughty fairies that play tricks on all of the humans that fall into their company. We’ve had great fun whilst studying this script we’ve been acting, writing letters, using descriptive language and even creating our own advertising posters for fairy love potion! –

    This work is all part of our learning journey as we get closer to performing in the Shakespeare Schools Festival.


Numeracy –

  • We’ve been working EXTREMLY HARD in our math’s lessons, for there have been loads of new things to learn! Everything from addition and subtraction practice, times tables and even GEOMETRY!!! Angles aren’t a problem for us now! TEST US AND SEE! WE CAN NAME ALL 4 TYPES OF ANGLES!!! We’ve also been brave enough to start practise using Protractors.


Science –

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” – Sir Isaac Newton. 

  • We have enjoyed the start of this terms science topic – FORCES. As a class we have begun by looking at the different types of forces and recognized that forces are EVERYWHERE! We have experimented with push and pulls, Gravity, friction and air resistance in a variety of FUN scientific tasks.

Challenge us:

Who discovered Gravity?

What is Gravity?

What do we use to measure force?

What does the term ‘Friction’ mean?

How many types of force can you name?  AND give an example of it in action!


The Wider Curriculum –

  • Our topic this term has been the Anglo Saxons. We have learned EVERYTHING about them: Who they were, where they came from, how they lived and even their laws and punishments!!! – These we really gory… WE LOVED IT!


Religious Education –

  • This term we have been looking at ‘Ourselves’ and how we are made in the image and likeness of God. We have studied our own talents and qualities and those of great people of importance in history such as Nelson Mandela, Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa as well as learning about significant figures from the Bible, including Saint Francis of Assisi. We have really enjoyed this topic and have a new appreciation for the people around us and their importance in our lives. We have learned that we all have qualities that God would want us to develop and that our uniqueness is a gift that shows Gods love for us as individuals.




This term we learnt about the Anglo Saxons, not just in school, but in our own time at home too! We have loved researching, reading, writing, drawing and creating models to help us understand more about the people who lived in the UK many years ago.

Here’s some of our work:

Homework - The Anglo Saxons

Primary Proms


Last week we were able to visit the Victoria Hall in Bolton to watch a special concert put together by Salford schools, all about music for children. We really enjoyed ourselves and felt very inspired. The concert starred many children from around Manchester and lots of fabulous music and instruments, some of which we’d NEVER heard of before!  We each had a favourite piece of music, some of us liked the steel drum version of ‘Eye of the Tiger’, whilst others enjoyed singing along to ‘Firebird’.

Primary Proms

Autumn Half Term


After having a fantastic half term it is time for a much needed break! Thank you for all of your hard work over the last few weeks! Have a great week off, enjoy Halloween and I will see you all back refreshed and ready to learn on Tuesday 3rd November.



Autumn 2


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks back at school after the half term break and it isn’t going to calm down! This is going to be an EXTREMLEY busy time at St. Josephs, but it will also be one packed with fun!



Literacy –

  • This term we have been looking at and writing our own war poetry. We began by looking at all of the different features of great poems such as, imagery, rhyme, stanza and verse. We read LOADS of war poems and studied lots of war poets as well as remembering, celebrating and giving thanks to those who gave their lives for our freedom. We also studied the book ‘The Christmas Truce’ and compared it to the 2014 Sainsbury’s Christmas advert; we got a lot of ideas for our own work from these too. Miss Foster then let us become poets and write our own war poems, IT WAS GREAT! She said she was really impressed with our rhyming and writing skills.

  • We have been reading ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ in literacy. This is an exciting story by C.S.LEWIS about four children finding a magical world in the back of a wardrobe! We’ve had great fun whilst studying this book, we’ve been writing diaries, creating non-chronological reports about lions, using descriptive language and even imagined ourselves going through a door into our own magical world.


Numeracy –

  • We’ve been working well in our math’s lessons, for there have been lots of new things to learn and even things we already know to practice! Everything from multiplication and division, to statistics and (scary) fraction practice!!! This turned out to be not scary at all.


Science –

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Armstrong. N

  • We have LOVED this terms science topic. We have blasted off into SPACE and studied the solar system! We started by looking at our home – The Earth and then took off in a rocket working our way through “infinity and beyond!” We watched Tim Peake’s launch into space and have considered many natural occurrences such as Eclipse’s, Seasons and Day and Night. We even know how/why these things happen… Honestly WE DO! Ask us and we’ll explain it to you! As well as these we have learnt about the Moon, the Stars and the Planets.

Challenge us:

Who was the first man on the moon?

What are the names of the planets in our solar system?

Why do we have seasons?


Religious Education –

  • This term we have been looking at ‘Belonging’ focusing upon baptism, confirmation and marriage. We have studied relationships, how to show care and commitment and our own and the school mission. We then entered Advent, a VERY important time for the church! We wrote acrostic poems about waiting in hope, studied the symbolism of the Advent Wreath, wrote Advent prayers/hopes and meditated; imaging that we were witnesses at the birth of Christ!Towards the end of this topic we studied the beginning of Matthew’s Gospel, researching how Jesus belonged to the family of King David. We recorded our findings on a Jesse Tree, using symbols to represent the descendants. We really enjoyed doing this for it was incredibly interesting and proved to be a fun way of recapping many stories from the Bible that we have learnt about in previous R.E lessons!

  • World Religion Day was great! It gave us the opportunity to learn about and celebrate a religion other than our own, Year 5 were given ‘Judaism’. We learnt about important symbols and artefacts, watched video clips of Jewish traditions and ceremonies and even made our own star of David window decoration and class Menorah candelabra.  


The Wider Curriculum –

  • Our topic this term has been Italy. We have learned a lot about this beautiful boot shaped country; from the language spoken there to famous monuments, places to visit and their most famous artists, as well as many other key facts. We also learned about Italian Food by MAKING AND EATING OUR OWN PIZZA! Take a look at the pictures below to see how we got on.

  • In Art/DT we’ve been preparing for Christmas. We really enjoyed decorating plates for Father Christmas and Rudolf, creating Elfie Selfie decorations and making Christmas cards.



Tim Peake blasts off!

World Faith Day - Judaism


3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!


This term we learnt about SPACE, not just in school, but in our own time at home too! We have loved researching, reading, writing, drawing and creating models to help us understand more about the Earth and Solar system!


Film Festival


Last week we were VERY LUCKY! We were invited to the Lowry Centre to go to the VUE Cinema to watch a FREE showing of the 2010 film ‘Alice in Wonderland’. THIS WAS BRILLIANT, we really enjoyed ourselves. The film made us laugh, shudder with fear and cheer with joy! We will be using this experience (clips from this film) and the original tale alongside ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and ‘Peter Pan’ in our Literacy studies later in the term when we will be focusing on ‘Tales set in imaginary worlds’.


Children in Need


Today the Children at St. Josephs celebrated and helped raise money for CHILDREN IN NEED! We had Pudsey themed activities going on in classrooms, dressed in our ‘own clothes’, had a cake sale and were visited by Austin in his ice cream van!  We would especially like to thank Austin for his generosity; he came to give EVERYONE… EVEN THE TEACHERS… at St Josephs an ice cream for only a SMALL donation (EVERY PENNY has gone to Children in Need!)

Here are some pictures of our FUNdraising day:

Children in Need

Shakespeare Schools Festival


“Ay me, the course of true love never did run smooth!”


Since coming back to school in September we have been working incredibly hard on a performance for the Shakespeare School Festival. This program has encompassed almost all of our school studies over the last 8 weeks. It has involved Drama, Literacy, History, Art and PSHCE. We have loved every minute of this and have grown from the experience. Together we have learnt about Shakespearean England, the old language (iambic pentameter), the plot and how the happenings affect the emotions of the characters. We have created costumes and props, used the script as the basis for all of our literacy lessons and played games/used drama techniques that have built our confidence, understanding and friendships.

But most of all in our shared laughs, tears, joys, fears, highs and lows we have all come closer together, bonded as a team and together we absolutely STOLE THE SHOW!




Santa Claus is Coming to Town


The countdown to Christmas has been VERY EXCITING! The whole school has been a hive of Christmas activity. We’ve had Christmas jumper day AND a pantomime AND a disco AND even a HUGE Christmas dinner!


Take a look at our Festive Fun in the pictures below.


We’ve all had such a fun time this term and every single one of us (INCLUDING THE GROWN UPS AROUND SCHOOL) are exhausted and ready for a well-earned break. Enjoy your time off over Christmas with loved ones. I hope you get some lovely presents off Father Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year!


See you all In January 2016!   

Christmas Fun

Spring 1


After having a great time off over Christmas and New Year, year 5 returned to school ready to learn and full of excitement for what lay ahead in the new year.


Literacy –

  • This half term we have been reading lots of Greek Myths. We began by looking at the different ingredients of Greek Myths such as, Mythical Creatures, Magical Weapons, Hero’s and Quests. We then studied, acted out, described, drew and wrote our own Greek Myths.We became REAL heroes in magical worlds who battled TERRIFYING monsters and saved beautiful maidens… with help from our Griffins and magical objects given to us by Zeus of course!

    Our favourite Greek Myths were:

  • Odysseus and the Cyclops

  • Medusa – The snake haired Gorgon

  • Pandora’s Box

  • Jason and the Argonauts


Numeracy –

  • We’ve been working EXTREMELY hard in our math’s lessons. There have been lots of math’s skills that needed practicing, such as column addition and subtraction. As well as practicing these techniques we’ve also had many new skills to learn, including negative numbers and Roman Numerals, these were our favourite math’s topic YET! We LOVED cracking codes written in Numerals and testing our skills by swapping numbers for Roman symbols in math’s problems.


Science –

  • We have REALLY ENJOYED this terms science topic. We have been studying materials and their properties!


Religious Education –

  • This term we have been looking at ‘Community’. We studied the mission of inspirational leaders such Elly Jansen and the Richmond Fellowship and then researched local charities, such as a hospices, charities supported by the parish, and national charities. We found out answers to questions as: who was the inspiration for the group, who is involved, whom do they help, how are they funded, how people can help, the reasons for wanting to help? We presented our findings as a PowerPoint to the class. We have also studied the story ‘Good news for the poor’ and learnt how and when Jesus began his mission. Learning about our diocese was also an important and VERY interesting part of this terms topic, we enjoyed researching and writing our findings to the given questions about our diocese and we now feel that we have a better understanding of our local parish family.


The Wider Curriculum –

  • Our topic this term has been the Ancient Greeks. We have learned a lot about the country, the people, the Olympics and even their gods.

    In Art/DT we’ve been making Greek pots. We really enjoyed looking at the different artists, sculptures, old techniques and colours of Greek art work.


Art / DT - Greek Pots




This term we learnt about THE ANCIENT GREEKS, not just in school, but in our own time at home too! We have loved researching, reading, writing, drawing and creating models to help us understand more about this time in history!

Spring 2


It’s the countdown to Mother’s Day and Easter so things are even busier than usual in year 5. As well as enjoying and preparing to celebrate this special time, we are also working hard and learning a lot of new skills.   

Take a look at this part of the page, it’s full with yet MORE of Year 5’s learning journey!


Literacy –

  • This half term we have been reading lots of Legends. We began by looking at Merlin, King Arthur and The Sword in the Stone before moving onto our focus study; Robin Hood. We created character descriptions, wanted posters, newspaper reports and filmed ourselves retelling the tale of Robin Hood. See our retelling in the clip below!


Numeracy –

  • There have been lots of math’s skills that needed practicing this half term, such as multiplication, measuring and geometry. Who thought that learning about measures could be so fun? We learnt and perfected how to convert: grams, kilograms, milligrams, liters, milliliters, centimeters, millimeters, and meters ALL IN A FEW DAYS! Miss Foster was so impressed that she then let us use these skills practically. We weighed classroom objects and made mocktail drinks when learning about capacity, This was so much fun that we didn’t even notice how much hard math’s work we were actually doing, we really liked seeing our drinks change colour! However, we found geometry hard but after lots of hard work we are now able to reflect and translate a shape!


Science –

  • We have REALLY ENJOYED this terms science topic. We have been studying life cycles!


Religious Education –

  • This term has been a very important one in regards to our R.E topic. We have been learning about the lead up to Easter. We studied the importance of Lent and made Lenten promises, reflected upon Jesus’ time in the desert,studied Judas’ betrayal and wrote diary entries from his point of view in an attempt to understand why he betrayed his friend and leader, looked at and re-created the stations of the cross and finally focused upon Jesus’ crucifixion before celebrating his resurrection.


The Wider Curriculum –

  • We have learned a lot about the UK this half term for our topic has been Counties. We studied the ‘War of the Roses’ during our history sessions and learnt many facts about the geography of our island.

  • In Art/DT we’ve been making Mother’s day cards and goodies as well as Easter treats. We really enjoyed using a variety of materials of creating presents for our loved ones.





This term we are learning about counties, not just in England, but around the rest of Great Britain. We are doing this both at school and in our own time at home too! We are loving: researching, reading, writing, drawing and creating models to help us understand more about our country!

Literacy - Legends

Maths - Measures - Weighing

Transition Day at All Hallows


Earlier this term we were invited by those at All Hallows to visit their NEW SCHOOL! This was a great opportunity and we really enjoyed the experiences they gave us. The afternoon was filled with fun learning activities that helped us to get a ‘feel’ for their school. We took part in a lot of activities that enabled us to make many new friends, meet the teachers and have a quick tour around their impressive new building. We can’t wait to visit again for a FULL DAY of high school learning!





World Book Day


We celebrated and raised money for 'World Book Day' in style by dressing up as a fictional character from one of our favorite story books.  We all got into the spirit of the occasion… YES EVEN THE TEACHERS… and got to take part in some brilliant book/literacy/reading themed activities!


Take a look at some of the pictures below:




World Book Day

Summer 1


Summer is coming and so things are very busy in year 5. This term we will be looking at Cinderella stories from other cultures, Area of 2D and 3D shapes, Fractions, L.S. Lowry and Rivers.


Literacy –

  • This half term we have been studying persuasive writing. We began by looking at the different ways to persuade Miss Foster to give us a piece of chocolate and did our best to get our own way. We blackmailed, bribed, challenged, flattered and even gave ‘facts’. We then went on to study a variety of texts and how they work effectively to persuade. We started by looking at the two Skoda Fabia television adverts and how they work effectively to make us want to buy the products that they aim to sell. THEN IT WAS OUR TURN; Miss Foster challenged us to use the TV adverts that we had seen in order to create a written advert for one of the two cars. In the next few lesson we read and watched Wallace and Gromit the Wrong Trousers and wrote a letter as Gromit to Wallace that tried to persuade him to kick the evil penguin out of OUR home and give us OUR room back! We then became crayons and wrote letters to Duncan in the style of The Day the Crayons Quit and even turned ourselves into animals living in a Kapok tree in an attempt to persuade human being’s from cutting down the rainforest.

  • This half term we have been studying Tales from other cultures. We began by looking at the Disney version of Cinderella and comparing it to the African tale 'Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters'. We really liked this version of the classic story and we became intrigued to find more Cinderella's from around the world and so Miss Foster let us work in pairs to search the World Wide Web and hunt for more hardworking princesses. Our results were GREAT! We discovered that children from all around the globe and across history have their own Cinderella stories to enjoy.Here are some of the Cinderella stories that we discovered:

    China - Yeh-Shen

    Egypt - Rhodopis

    Old English - Tattercoats

    France - The Little Glass Slipper

    After creating posters about these Cinderella stories we moved onto thinking about a Cinderella story set in our own culture. Mr Shilling even allowed Miss F to take us to the Cinema to see the new Cinderella film, for educational and inspirational purposes only of course! As a class we decided to write our own tales set in Ordsall. We had some outstanding ideas! Miss Foster said that she was "very impressed by the extent of our imaginations."


Numeracy –

We have had lots of new math’s skills introduced to us this half term:

  • We have sorted 2D and 3D shapes based on their properties, classified a variety of triangles, and even made our own 3D shapes out of NETS. We have practiced using both mental and written methods of division in basic and worded problems. Identified different types of angles, measured angles and drawn angles. And mastered possibly one of the trickiest skills of all – fractions which has been a major topic this half term during our math’s lessons. We have been finding equivalent fractions, adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions and have even been converting mixed number and improper fractions. This has all been a huge part of our studies and one that we have worked very hard to complete.


Science –

  • We have REALLY ENJOYED this terms science topic. We have been studying life cycles!


Religious Education –


  • This term we have been looking at ‘Transformation’. We studied the importance of renewable energy. Created comic strips based on Luke 24:13-35 and studied Pentecost. We also worked in pairs to write and perform a news interview where one of us was the reporter whilst the other was a disciple promoting the word of God and Jesus’ work.


The Wider Curriculum –

  • We have learned a lot about rivers this half term. We have studied the journey of a river, named rivers around the world and even promoted how to keep our rivers clean!

  • In Art/DT we’ve been studying L.S. Lowry.



Rivers and Africa!

This term we are learning about Africa and Rivers. We are doing this both at school and in our own time at home too!


Skodia Fabia - Advert 1

Still image for this video

Skoda Fabia - Advert 2

Still image for this video

Summer 2


Summer is fast approaching and so things are going to get very busy in year 5. As well as working hard and trying our best during regular lessons, we are also looking forward to the end of year fun and working hard,  learning a lot of new skills during our rehearsals for the end of year performance.



Take an Accelerated Reader quiz at home or show your parents all the books you have read on your own bookshelf.