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Welcome to Year 5's class page!


We will be filling this page with our class news, pictures of all our learning fun, things to come later in the year and so much more. Do you have any wonderful ideas for this page? Why not let me know and we’ll keep adding our ideas.


Miss Foster






Summer Half Term – Part 1


Summer is coming and so things are very busy in year 5. As well as working hard and trying our best during regular lessons, we are also working hard and learning a lot of new skills during our rehearsals for the end of year performance.


This term we will be looking at Cinderella stories from other cultures, Area of 2D and 3D shapes, Fractions, Forces, African art and Rivers.



Rivers and Africa!


This term we are learning about Africa and Rivers. We are doing this both at school and in our own time at home too!


Spring Half Term – Part 2


It’s the countdown to Mother’s Day and Easter so things are even busier than usual in year 5. As well as enjoying and preparing to celebrate this special time, we are also working hard and learning a lot of new skills. We have been looking at Persuasive writing, Geometry, Forces and Counties.


Take a look at this part of the page, it’s full with yet MORE of Year 5’s learning journey!

Literacy –


  • This half term we have been studying persuasive writing. We began by looking at the different ways to persuade others and did our best to get our own way. We blackmailed, bribed, challenged, flattered and even gave ‘facts’. We then studied adverts and how they work effectively to make us want to buy the products they aim to sell. THEN IT WAS OUR TURN; Miss Foster challenged us to work together to create and act out an advert ‘selling a brick’ to both her AND Mr. Shilling, we had a lot of fun during this silly but educational task and both of the teachers were VERY impressed with our abilities to ‘think outside of the box’.
  • Then the time came for a DEBATE! Miss Foster broke the news to us that Mr. Shilling and our Governors were planning on putting a stop to the long summer holiday. WE WERE SHOCKED! Miss Foster told us that it was down to us to convince the heads of our school to either ban or keep the break.  We were split into two teams, one for and one against the school summer holidays. We worked together planning and performing our arguments to each other and the results were close… but we are thrilled to announce that the summer holidays are here to stay!


Numeracy –


We have had lots of new math’s skills introduced to us this half term:

  • We have sorted 2D and 3D shapes based on their properties, classified a variety of triangles, and even made our own 3D shapes out of NETS. We have practiced using both mental and written methods of division in basic and worded problems. Identified factors, factor pairs and common factors of two numbers. And mastered possibly one of the trickiest skills of all - Geometry (angles) which has been a major topic this half term during our math’s lessons. Drawing, measuring and naming angles have all been a huge part of our studies and one that we have worked very hard to complete.


Science –


“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” – Sir Isaac Newton. 

  • We have enjoyed the start of this terms science topic – FORCES. As a class we have begun by looking at the different types of forces and recognized that forces are EVERYWHERE! We have experimented with push and pulls, Gravity, friction and air resistance in a variety of FUN scientific tasks. 


Challenge us:

  1. Who discovered Gravity?
  2. What is Gravity?
  3. What do we use to measure force?
  4. What does the term ‘Friction’ mean?
  5. How many types of force can you name?  AND give an example of it in action!


The Wider Curriculum –


  • We have learned a lot about the UK this half term for our topic has been Counties. We studied the ‘War of the Roses’ during our history sessions and learnt many facts about the geography of our island. 
  • In Art/DT we’ve been making Mother’s day cards and goodies as well as Easter treats. We really enjoyed using a variety of materials of creating presents for our loved ones.


Literacy - Class Debate

Numeracy - Nets of Shapes

R.E. - The Stations of the Cross

Science - Forces

Air Resistance

Art - Mothers Day Gifts & Easter Stained Glass Windows

Transition Day at All Hallows


Earlier this term we were invited by those at All Hallows to visit their NEW SCHOOL! This was a great opportunity and we really enjoyed the experiences they gave us. The afternoon was filled with fun learning activities that helped us to get a ‘feel’ for their school. We took part in a lot of activities that enabled us to make many new friends, meet the teachers and have a quick tour around their impressive new building. We can’t wait to visit again for a FULL DAY of high school learning!

World Book Day


We celebrated and raised money for 'World Book Day' in style by dressing up as a fictional character from one of our favourite story books.  We all got into the spirit of the occasion… YES EVEN THE TEACHERS… and got to take part in some brilliant book/literacy/reading themed activities!


Take a look at some of the pictures below:


World Book Day





This term we are learning about counties, not just in England, but around the rest of Great Britain. We are doing this both at school and in our own time at home too! We are loving: researching, reading, writing, drawing and creating models to help us understand more about our country!


Homework Grid - Spring 2

Spring Half Term – Part 1


After having a great time off over Christmas and New Year, year 5 returned to school ready to learn and full of excitement for what lay ahead in the new year.


Literacy –


  • This half term we have been reading lots of Greek Myths. We began by looking at the different ingredients of Greek Myths such as, Mythical Creatures, Magical Weapons, Heroes and Quests. We then studied, acted out, described, drew and wrote our own Greek Myths.  We became REAL heroes in magical worlds who battled TERRIFYING monsters and saved beautiful maidens… with help from our Griffins and magical objects given to us by Zeus of course!
  • Our favourite Greek Myths were:
  • Odysseus and the Cyclops
  • Medusa – The snake haired Gorgon
  • Pandora’s Box
  • Jason and the Argonauts


Numeracy –


  • We’ve been working EXTREMELY hard in our maths lessons. There have been lots of maths skills that needed practising, such as column addition and subtraction. As well as practising these techniques we’ve also had many new skills to learn, including negative numbers and Roman Numerals, these were our favourite maths topic YET! We LOVED cracking codes written in Numerals and testing our skills by swapping numbers for Roman symbols in maths problems.
  • Who thought that learning about measures could be so fun? We learnt and perfected how to convert: grams, kilograms, milligrams, litres, millilitres, centimetres, millimetres, and metres ALL IN A FEW DAYS! Miss Foster was so impressed that she then let us use these skills practically. We made PANCAKES (for Shrove Tuesday) measuring out all of the ingredients on our own and we did such a good job that we were then allowed to eat them! They tasted FANTASTIC!
  • Just when we thought we’d hit the jackpot of maths lessons Miss Foster then told us we’d be designing and making juicy MOCKTAILS in order to put our capacity learning into practice. We were each given a variety of fruit, juices weighing scales and measuring jugs in order to experiment with amounts. This was so much fun that we didn’t even notice how much hard maths work we were actually doing… and they tasted DELICIOUS!


Science –


  • “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Armstrong. N

We have REALLY ENJOYED terms science topic. We have blasted off into SPACE and studied the solar system! But sadly it is time to end our long journey that has taken over two half terms to complete and come back down to Earth.


Here are some of the pictures we took along the last leg of the journey:


The Wider Curriculum –


  • Our topic this term has been the Ancient Greeks. We have learned a lot about the country, the people, the Olympics and even their gods. In Art/DT we’ve been making Greek pots. We really enjoyed looking at the different artists, sculptures, old techniques and colours of Greek art work.






Numeracy - Measures

Weighing classroom objects
Putting our skills to the test - Making pancakes
Capacity - Making juicy mocktails

Science - How far apart are the planets?

Science - Making constellations telescopes

Art/DT - Greek Pots

First we moulded the pots out of clay.
We then painted our pots in traditional colours.
We really like the finished product!





This term we learnt about THE ANCIENT GREEKS, not just in school, but in our own time at home too! We have loved researching, reading, writing, drawing and creating models to help us understand more about this time in history!


Here’s some of our work:

Homework - The Groovy Greeks

Homework Grid Spring 1

Santa Claus is Coming to Town


The countdown to Christmas has been VERY EXCITING! The whole school has been a hive of Christmas activity. We’ve had Christmas jumper day AND a pantomime AND a disco AND even a HUGE Christmas dinner! Year 5 were also given the responsibility of decorating the school Christmas tree and we all agree that we did a super job of it!  


Take a look at our Festive Fun in the pictures below.


We’ve all had such a fun time this term and every single one of us (INCLUDING THE GROWN UPS AROUND SCHOOL) are exhausted and ready for a well-earned break. Enjoy your time off over Christmas with loved ones. I hope you get some lovely presents off Father Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year!


See you all in January 2015!

Christmas Fun - Jumper Day and Party Time!

Autumn Half Term – Part 2


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks back at school after the half term break and it isn’t going to calm down! This is going to be an EXTREMLEY busy time at St. Josephs, but it will also be one packed with fun!




  • This term we have been looking at and writing our own war poetry. We began by looking at all of the different features of great poems such as, imagery, rhyme, stanza and verse. We read LOADS of war poems and studied lots of war poets as well as remembering, celebrating and giving thanks to those who gave their lives for our freedom.  Miss Foster then let us loose and become poets on our own. IT WAS GREAT! She said she was really impressed with our rhyming and writing skills.
  • We have been reading ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ in literacy. This is an exciting story by C.S.LEWIS about four children finding a magical world in the back of a wardrobe! We’ve had great fun whilst studying this book, we’ve been writing diaries, creating non-chronological reports about lions, using descriptive language and even imagined ourselves going through a door into our own magical world.


Numeracy –


  • We’ve been working well in our math’s lessons, for there have been lots of new things to learn and even things we already know to practice! Everything from multiplication and division, to time and decimals, we even had to study scary fraction practice!!! This turned out to be not scary at all.  


Science –


  • One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Armstrong. N

We have LOVED this terms science topic. We have blasted off into SPACE and studied the solar system! We started by looking at our home – The Earth and then took off in a rocket working our way through “infinity and beyond!”

We have looked at many natural occurrences such as Eclipse’s, Seasons and Day and Night. We even know how/why these things happen… Honestly WE DO! Ask us and we’ll explain it to you! As well as these we have learnt about the Moon, the Stars and the Planets.


Here are some of the pictures we have taken along the journey so far:


The Wider Curriculum –


  • Our topic this term has been Italy. We have learned a lot about this beautiful boot shaped country. From the language to their most famous artists.
  • In Art/DT we’ve been making Planets for our class model Solar System. We really enjoyed looking at the different colours and sizes of the planets and working together in order to create our own mini version. LOOK AT THE PICTURES BELOW!!!


Science - Space

Art/DT - Creating Model Planets



3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!


This term we have been learning about SPACE, not just in school, but in our own time at home too! We have loved researching, reading, writing, drawing and creating models to help us understand more about the Earth and Solar system!


Here’s some of our work:

Homework - Space

Homework Grid Autumn 2

Children In Need


Today the Children at St. Josephs celebrated and helped raise money for CHILDREN IN NEED! We dressed up as super heroes, Disney characters and even heroes from within our community, such as: Doctors, Soldiers, Policemen/women, Nurses and many more! We also had a cake sale and were visited by Austin in his ice cream van!  We would especially like to thank Austin for his generosity, he came to give EVERYONE… EVEN THE TEACHERS… at St Josephs an ice cream for only a SMALL donation (EVERY PENNY has gone to Children in Need!)


Here are some pictures of our FUNdraising day:

Children in Need

Bonfire Night


We celebrated Bonfire Night by making chocolate covered apples to take home as a treat whilst at our local firework display.

Autumn Half Term


After having a fantastic half term it is time for a much needed break! Thank you for all of your hard work over the last few weeks and for making my first months here so enjoyable! Have a great week off, enjoy Halloween and Bonfire night and I will see you all back refreshed and ready to learn on Tuesday 4th November.



We’ve had a very busy but VERY fun start to the year.


We’ve already been working hard on many exciting topics and developing our skills and knowledge through interesting activities. We’ve been writing, dancing, baking, acting, reading, counting, building and painting. But that isn’t all; take a look through our photographs to see our learning journey so far.


Literacy –


  • This term we have been looking at how to write instructions. We began by looking at all of the different features that make a GOOD set of instructions. We learned that instructions include a ‘You will Need’ list, Imperative verbs, bullet points and time connectives. To name but a few! In order to create a precice set of instructions we decided that we first needed to put some to    the test. To do this we followed a simple recipe in order to make a batch of Cupcakes, this was great fun and tasty too! We learned a lot and used this experience in order to then write our own set of instructions… WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM MISS! (She was VERY impressed with what we came up with)


  • We have also been reading ‘The Firework Makers Daughter’ in literacy. This is an exciting story by Philip Pullman about a girl named Lila on her journey to become a MASTER firework maker!  We’ve had great fun whilst studying this book, we’ve been drawing maps, writing letters, using descriptive language and even acted out some of the conversations between the key characters!


Numeracy –


  • We’ve been working EXTREMLY HARD in our math’s lessons, for there have been loads of new things to learn! Everything from addition and subtraction practice, line and bar graphs, fraction practice, times tables and even GEOMETRY!!! Angles aren’t a problem for us now! TEST US AND SEE IF WE CAN NAME ALL 4!!!


Science –


  • This term we have been looking at Living Organisms, we started with plants and are now working our way through the animal kingdom!

Can you name the features of:

  • Mammals
  • Fish
  • Amphibians
  • Reptiles
  • Birds


The Wider Curriculum –


  • Our topic this term has been the Anglo Saxons. We have learned EVERYTHING about them: Who they were, where they came from, how they lived and even their laws and punishments!!! – These we really gory… WE LOVED IT! In Art/DT we’ve been making Anglo Saxon huts! This proved tricky at times but they are really starting to take shape and look good! CHECK OUT THE PICTURES BELOW!!!



Literacy - Writing Instructions

We did Mary Berry proud.
The best part of baking is the cleaning ... CHEEKY

Numeracy - Fraction practice - Icing Biscuits

There was a LOT of concentration and teamwork!

Numeracy - Graphs

Our human chart represents our birthdays

Art/DT - Creating Anglo Saxon Huts

First we used cardboard to make the base
Then we added detail to them using lollypop sticks
We started to paint our huts brown.



This term we learnt about the Anglo Saxons, not just in school, but in our own time at home too! We have loved researching, reading, writing, drawing and creating models to help us understand more about the people who lived in the UK many years ago.


Here’s some of our work -


Homework - The Anglo Saxons

Autumn 1 Homework Grid



Last week we were VERY LUCKY! We were invited to the Lowry Centre to go to the VUE Cinema to watch a special BBC film production called ‘Ten Pieces’, all about classical music for children. THIS WAS AMAZING, we really enjoyed ourselves. The film starred many of our favorite CBBC stars and lots of fabulous music, some of which we’d NEVER heard before but haven’t stopped listening to since!  We each had a favorite piece of music, some of us like MARS, some liked SHORT RIDE IN A FAST MACHINE and some of us liked SYMPHONY No’5. There was definitely a piece of music there for everyone.


After the showing some of us were asked to speak to the BBC… ON CAMERA!!! WOW!!!


Follow this link to hear some of the music from the film! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/1vggT9xqtBv9NW2lrkwdkf7/ten-pieces-repertoire




Some of us spoke on camera to the BBC
Excitment was building as we waited for the film

A visit from the Firemen


The brave Firemen from our local fire service came to visit us earlier in the week. It was very exciting and they gave us some great information about how to stay safe, not only on Bonfire night and Halloween but also on the dark winter nights. We talked about their day to day job too, and got to ask them many questions about ‘The life of a fire-fighter’. It wasn’t all serious talk though, they let us get up and try on their uniform! This was great fun! THANKYOU GREATER MANCHESTER FIRE SERVICE!

The firemen giving us a safety talk
They had a LOT of special equipment
Some of us got to try on their safety clothes!
It was a little bit too big!

Celebration Assembly


Every Friday we gather to celebrate children’s achievements across the school. Have a look at our successes on the school awards tree in the reception area of school!




Homework is VERY important to us at St Josephs!


  • Spellings must be practiced and learned ready for testing on Tuesdays
  • Homework is also due on Thursdays.
  • Reading every night is essential… and don’t forget to get your reading record signed!
  • Then why not take an Accelerated Reader quiz at home or show your parents all of the books that you have read on your own bookshelf? Follow the link below: