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17/06/16 - Friday Assembly News!


This Friday's pupil and work of the week awards went to...Kuba and Ruby!


Excellent Work Award - Kuba


With much of the week being taken up with Oliver rehearsals, we have been really impressed with Kuba’s attitude both on and off the stage. He really worked on using expression in the part he was trying out for, and when he wasn’t on stage he sat quietly and ensured that there weren’t any distractions for those pupils performing on stage. Well done Kuba!



Pupil of the week - Ruby


Ruby is consistently excellent in all subjects, giving 100% in everything she does. We have noticed her developing a mature attitude over the last few weeks, as she is the first to resolve any disagreements in class. She is an excellent writer and includes the higher level punctuation that is required in Y6, with little prompting. This week she has tried for several of the parts in Oliver and shown her natural flare and talent for acting and singing. Well done Ruby!






The Queen's 90th Birthday Street Party!

10/06/16 - Friday Assembly News!


This Friday's pupil and work of the week awards went to...Amy-Leigh and Jakub!


Excellent Work Award - Amy-Leigh


This has been a hectic week for Y6, most of the class took part in bikeability training at the start of the week and then we began rehearsals for the school show, Oliver, at the end of the week. Amy-Leigh took part in the bikeability training and received our work of the week award for overcoming her initial hesitance to cycle on the roads. She showed resilience and determination, listening carefully to all the instructions to gain her Level 2 certificate. Well done Amy-Leigh.




Pupil of the week - Jakub


Jakub always comes into school with a smile on his face and a positive attitude towards all of his work. He is a good friend, and kind and helpful member of Y6. One of his favourite subjects is computing, and Mrs Tomkins was especially impressed that after learning how to use the programme Scratch, he then went home and made his own computer game. Well done Jakub!


20/05/16 - Friday Assembly News!


This Friday's pupil and work of the week awards went to...Kylan and Gabriele!


Excellent Work Award - Kylan

We have seen a dramatic improvement in Kylan's writing throughout the year. He has worked hard to include fantastic description in his writing, and ensure that he has used a range of punctuation. We always look forward to reading your work - well done Kylan!




Pupil of the Week - Gabrielle


Gabrielle is a pleasure to have in the class. He puts 100% effort into his work in all subjects, and his writing in particular has improved fantastically throughout the year. Gabrielle is a hardworking and kind member of Y6 - he has been a super friend to Joshua while he hasn't been well. Well done Gabrielle!



Year Six end of SATS picnic!

Friday Assembly News!


This Friday's pupil and work of the week awards went to...Joshua and Xavier!


Excellent Work Award - Joshua

We have started reading a new book as a class - 'Wonder'.  Last week, we wrote our own diary entries as one of the characters in the book. Joshua wrote a hilarious diary entry that really captured the personality of the character he was writing from the perspective of. He included a variety of punctuation and used fantastic descriptive language - well done Josh!




Pupil of the Week - Xavier

Our pupil of the week is Xavier. Xavier always comes in with a smile and gives his best in all subjects. He is kind, considerate and looks out for other members of the class - as well as the teachers. Every day he asks how he can help with jobs around the classroom. Well done Xavier!



Friday Assembly News!


This week we have combined our pupil and work of the week awards, and they went to...the Y6 Debate Team! We have all been completely wowed by the effort and dedication put in to preparing for the debates both inside and outside of school, and of course, their astounding success in the recent debating competitions. It has been amazing to watch their debating skills develop since last year.

Well done to all of the Debate Team!


Class trip to John Rylands Library


Last Thursday, our class was lucky enough to visit the John Rylands Library for a creative writing workshop. We were taken on a tour around the gothic building, and had the opportunity to marvel at the fascinating texts on display. Lead by Leanne, (from the University of Manchester) we then wrote our own fantasy cliff-hanger stories, taking inspiration from the amazing architecture and design of the library.

Manchester Primary Debate Mate Cup


Yesterday, our Debate Mate club attended the Manchester Primary Debate Mate Cup. We entered two teams into the cup, who had to compete in three debates (two unseen topics, and one prepared). There were 8 other primary schools, with two or more teams each taking part. Each team received points from their debates throughout the day, and the two highest-scoring teams had to participate in a final debate, in front of all the other schools and a panel of debating experts, to win the Debate Mate Cup. Both of our teams did extremely well, and one made it to the final debate! 


In a fantastic final debate, about a motion close to all the pupil's hearts (This house would ban homework!) it was a very close call but we came in second place!


This is a brilliant achievement to all the pupils who have taken part, and everyone at St Joseph's is incredibly proud of the teams. You can see photos from the day below. 







Friday Assembly News! 


Last Friday's pupil and work of the week awards went to...Jakub and Millie!


Excellent Work Award - Millie


In our English writing in Year Six, we have been focusing on producing high-quality, descriptive writing that includes a variety of punctuation. In a piece of writing for RE last week, without prompting, Millie wrote a beautiful piece of writing describing the crucifixion and included a variety of punctuation.  Well done Millie! 



Pupil of the Week - Jakub


Our pupil of the week last week was Jakub. Jakub comes in with a positive attitude every day, and puts 100% in to every lesson and piece of work he completes. He is a good friend to others in the class, and works well with everyone, volunteering to provide support to others who need it, particularly in maths.

Well done Jakub.  






Friday Assembly News


On the last Friday before the Easter holidays, our pupil and work of the week awards went to...Sarah and Steven!


Excellent Work Award - Sarah


Sarah has been really focused on her maths work this term. She is always looking for a challenge and pushes herself to see how she can apply the strategies she has just learnt or revisited in the lesson. Sarah's work is always beautifully presented, and this is no different in her Maths book. Keep up the fantastic work Sarah. 



Pupil of the week - Steven


We have all noticed a big change in Steven over the past few weeks, particularly in the afternoons. He has become really focused on working quicker and ensuring that all his work is completed, to a high standard. In our science lesson last week, Steven completed an investigation into the size of shadows, before the rest of the class, and then asked if he could plot his own graph to show his results. Steven makes everyone laugh (including the teachers), and is a joy to have in the class. Well done Steven. 





Friday Assembly news!


This week's Pupil and Work of the week awards go to... Olivia and Derron!


Excellent Work Award - Derron

As a member of our Debate Mate Team, it has been fantastic to see how Derron's debating style has developed since October. Derron has gone the extra mile to help the team, by carrying out some thorough research into the debate topic - This House Would Ban the Monarchy, and sharing this with her team mates. It's not just for Debate Mate, Derron will often come in on a Monday with some work or research she has carried out over the weekend. She has produced fact sheets on the Mayans (our history topic this term) and the countries of South America. Well done and keep up the great work Derron!



Pupil of the Week - Olivia


Olivia is our pupil of the week this week for always putting 100% into all her work. She has worked hard in English to ensure her writing is detailed and follows a clear structure. In maths she has been working hard on ratio, and really challenging herself to improve her times tables scores. She comes in every morning with a big smile on her face, and is a fantastic friend to the rest of the class.  Well done Olivia!


Debate Mate Urban League - 7th March

Debate Mate Urban League


Last Monday, the Y6 Debate Mate team attended their second league at Claremont Primary School.


They split into two teams and debated against other schools to score points. Four children in each team spoke in the debate, and the other team members were floor members, which meant they had to carefully watch the debate and ask questions to the opposition team at the end of the debate.


Both teams did fantastically! We have all been really impressed with how their speaking and listening skills have developed since starting the club.


We are currently 4th in the Manchester League, out of 30 schools!

World book day!


The year 3's are learning about Light in science this term. As this was our topic before half term, Ruby, Giovanna and Ketia went in to give them an introduction to the topic, and show off what they have learnt!


Fantastic Homework


Our history topic for both this and last term is The Ancient Mayans.  One of the tasks set on the homework grid was to make a Mayan pyramid. We have been amazed by the creativity and originality that has gone into this task, in particular by Steven, Ruby and Giovanna.


Take a look at their creations below!




Friday Assembly news


This week's Pupil and Work of the Week awards go to... Joshua and Millie!


Excellent Work Award - Joshua

Josh has been working really well in Maths, particularly since last term. In the build up to the SATS, we have been completing lots of practice questions and Josh is excellent at carefully reading the question to ensure he knows exactly what the question is asking and make sure he answers accurately. Josh is also the undefeated times table champion of his maths group! Well done Josh - keep up the great work!



Child of the week - Millie

Millie has come back after half term incredibly focused and ready to learn. She has been the first with her hand up in all lessons, eager to contribute. Millie's ideas in English this week have wowed us all. She has also been kind and helpful to other members of the class. Well done Millie - Keep up the great work!





Homework Grid Year Six - Spring One


Primary Proms - The Victoria Hall


We had an extremely busy first week back after our half term break.  We began the week by travelling to Bolton to 'The Victoria Hall' to take part in the Primary Proms.  The Primary Prom concerts aim to inspire a new generation to take up music and develop their musical potential.  All the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and returned to school with a revitalized vigour in their own musical ability.

We particularly enjoyed the Salford Steel group.


Homework Grid Year Six - Autumn Two



Celebration Assembly News - Autumn 1 Term


34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”   John 13:34-35

Year Six were asked to represent using freeze frames their interpretation of

'What is Love?'

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thank you so much to all of you who supported our Macmillan Coffee Morning.  Whether this was by baking, selling or eating cakes it was a wonderful success.  

Giovanna, Jack, Millie and Lewis with the other school chaplains did an incredible job at helping to host this event.


A Visit from the Halle Orchestra

Year Six were lucky enough to be invited to a performance by musicians from the Halle Orchestra.  Mr Easton on the tuba and Mr Muirhead on the piano, saxophone and the clarinet treated the school to a musical extravaganza – ‘Start the Day the Halle Way!’  The children were enthralled by the musical story that unfolded before them!

Jack was even treated to a surprise twenty minute lesson at lunchtime with Mr Muirhead on his saxophone - Wow!!


You have all made such an impressive start to your homework grids.  We have been thoroughly delighted with the array of homework pieces produced with such thought and care.  

A fantastic start Year Six - keep it up!  

Here are a few examples:

Getting creative with the Vikings!




It is so important that you continue with all areas of homework to enhance your learning:

·         You are expected to read every night and get your reading record    signed.

·         Once you have read a book take an 'Accelerated Reader' quiz using the link below.

·         Keep up to date with your 'Conquer Maths' tasks online.

·          Remember to hand in at least one piece of completed homework each Monday.


Take an Accelerated Reader quiz at home or show your parents all the books you have read on your own bookshelf.

Homework Grid Year Six - Autumn One


Welcome to Year Six

We have a very challenging but exciting year ahead of us at St. Joseph's, with many experiences to look forward to. We aim to ‘have life and have it to the full’ in all areas of life at St. Joseph’s.

Year Six is extremely hard work, with lots of high expectations. However we endeavour to make it lots of fun which will make it one of your most memorable years at St. Joseph's Primary School to date.

If you have any ideas for our webpage or have any queries please feel free to contact us.

Mrs Harris           Miss Fisher            Mrs Tomkins


Take an Accelerated Reader quiz at home or show your parents all the books you have read on your own bookshelf.